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Farewell My Uterus

They say you never really appreciate something until it’s gone, and well…I miss you. Sort of. It’s complicated.

It’s been almost three years, and I never gave you the proper goodbye you deserved. Yes, we had our disagreements. Clearly we had our struggles. But we also had history. And, twice, yes twice, we made beautiful music together.

But, it’s time for some closure.

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I first came to “know” you about thirty-six years ago. You introduced yourself to me right before my first boy/girl party – and showed me who’s boss ever since. You were rough on me in a sucker-punch kind of way. Ah, the tricks you played. And in exchange I cursed you and medicated you unmercifully. I thought you had it coming. I am ashamed.

Of course, at the time, I was just thinking about myself and what a royal pain you were (literally), and not the amazing vessel of life that you were going to prove to be. I took for granted how you would change my life forever. For the better. Helping to carry, nurture, and bring my two beautiful children into this world.

And then…you seriously kicked my butt. You went wild and unpredictable on me. Like an annoying neighbor who shows up unannounced and then never leaves.

So we had to have an intervention. I didn’t really want to do it, but you were no longer good for me, and everyone who saw you said it was time. I was scared to let you go, but part of me knew it was time to go our separate ways. It got ugly. Knives were involved…that’s all I’m gonna say.


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Linda Wolff

Linda Wolff writes the lifestyle blog Carpool Goddess where she explores life in the empty nest now that carpool is over. Follow Linda on Facebook and Twitter and see for yourself that midlife's not so scary.

Kathryn Dilligard

Thursday 14th of November 2013

Awww.. sorry to hear that.. At least you and your uterus had a good run, right?

Carpool Goddess

Monday 11th of November 2013

Thank you so much for featuring me and my Uterus today! Love being part of your fabulous new site.

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