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It’s Never Too Late to Bloom

  Dana Schwartz beautifully examines the balance between the new opportunities and old concerns that come with turning 40. This post first appeared on Dana’s blog.   Spring is here. The season I’ve been anticipating, the season closest to my heart, but one I’ve also been quietly dreading. Spring is like a mandatory party. Nobody gets out of spring. Once …

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Do You Cry Over Spilled Milk?

As a writer, revision is my middle name. I revise, almost, until the cows come home. But what about as a menopausal woman? Do I need to turn myself into ice cream? Or should I just be happy with spilled milk, no crying allowed?  Cliff, my husband the engineer, goes into semi-heart failure if he spills …

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Menopausal Cuckoo

I think I’m losing my mind. Seriously. I used to be a compulsive organizer and proud of it. The spices in my spice rack were placed in alphabetical order from anise to turmeric. My closet was color coordinated along with the contents in my under ware drawer. Shoes fit snugly in shoe trees according to …

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Farewell My Uterus

They say you never really appreciate something until it’s gone, and well…I miss you. Sort of. It’s complicated. It’s been almost three years, and I never gave you the proper goodbye you deserved. Yes, we had our disagreements. Clearly we had our struggles. But we also had history. And, twice, yes twice, we made beautiful …

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