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What French Women Understand…And We Don’t!

Welcome to my boutique…The Joy Boutique…actually, I have always desired to operate a little shop of some type.  I think it would be beyond fun… I envision an exquisite atmosphere with scented candles and rich conversations in every corner.  So, in this space as we walk this journey together on Midlife Boulevard, I invite you to stop by and discuss fashion, beauty, health, and lifestyle tips for joyful, stylish, strong women!

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To get us started, let’s link arms and sashay down the Champs-Elysees in Paris.  Do you notice the amazing street style of our French sisters…their confidence… that je ne sais quoi?  How can we obtain this special sense of style they possess at all ages? Thank goodness, my friend and fellow blogger, author, fashion writer and editor, Tish Jett has written a guide, Forever Chic: Frenchwomen’s Secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style, and Substance.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we followed every bit of advice imparted to women of a certain age for beauty, fashion and healthy lifestyle secrets.  Of course, it is impossible to do what every author suggests; however, were I to follow the advice in just one book, it would be this one.  Tish has compiled tested and thoroughly researched information from her time living in France.  She is quick to let us know what she personally has experienced and how it might compare with the American way of thinking.   From the very start, she helps me to understand how I lost my way during the mommy-years.  Our battle with self-discipline is one the French seem to be winning by leaps and bounds.  American women are quick to sacrifice personal appearance and health in order to serve our families.  But, French women get the fact they will serve their families better if they take care of number one.

Tish writes, “I see life differently after living in France.  I have come to appreciate and incorporate certain aspects of the Frenchwomen I admire into my life.  They do not regard taking care of themselves as taking away from others or other responsibilities.  There is no contradiction, no conflict of interest.  Feeling good is considered healthy, not selfish.”

Ladies, this book is a must read.  You will discover inspiration and guidelines easily applied to your life today.  For example to name just a few:

Ten Secrets to Remaining Forever Chic

What Tops the Lists as a Frenchwoman’s Fountain of Youth?

The Frenchwoman’s Sample Daily Diet

The Dress Code

The Top Essential Accessories

What Time of Day is Best to Wear Body Lotion (I didn’t know this!)

I was thrilled to discover most Frenchwomen believe as I do about life: “Happily ever after does not exist in the real world, but beauty, substance, joy, culture and ability to accommodate and accept the realities can make for a rich, fulfilling life.”   My version simply stated….Choose Joy…no matter the circumstances.

There is so much to write about this book, but I would rather you read it…find Forever Chic and begin a daily read of Tish’s blog at A Femme d’Un Certain Age.

Please let us know what areas of self-discipline are the most difficult for you…then let’s encourage one another as we leave to walk the boulevard!

See you next week in The Joy Boutique!, midlife, columnist, blogger

Pamela Lutrell

Pamela Lutrell began her blog, over50feeling40, July 2010 with a desire to encourage women over 50 to walk in strength, confidence and joy. Of course, head turning style makes each day fun!

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Anne Parris

Tuesday 12th of November 2013

Thanks for the recommendation, Pam!

Pamela Lutrell

Tuesday 12th of November 2013

It's a really good book, Anne! I plan to put into practice soon how they refresh tired eyes!!

Tamera Beardsley

Tuesday 12th of November 2013

Pam thank you for letting me know about this gem of a book! It goes to the very top of my list as I adore Tish's blog!

Congratulations on the opening of your new shop!!

Pamela Lutrell

Tuesday 12th of November 2013

Hi Tamera, I love Tish's blog as well...I know you will love the book too! I learned a lot! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Katherines Corner

Tuesday 12th of November 2013

What a lovely idea, "C'est une fantastique" I often find myself in a clothing rut. Now that I no longer work outside of my home. I tend to be a bit lax when it comes to style. I live in jeans and t shirts and now that sweater season is upon us I look forward to my cozy cardigans and cable knit sweaters. I do try and add a touch of pearls or bangles once in a while too. But overall... its all a bit blaaaa... I will gladly walk arm in arm with you. Perhaps some of your "Style Belle" will rub off on me. xo Câlins et des bisous, Katherine

Pamela Lutrell

Tuesday 12th of November 2013

I know working at home is a challenge in the wardrobe area. I guess when it seeps over into your outside life that would be a red flag. Thanks for reading and commenting, Katie! Discipline is an area I really need to work on...even after 50!!

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