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Daily Rituals for Health and Happiness

Being Fit and Fabulous is not just about our physical health but also our mental and spiritual health. The combination of all three areas with wellness rituals is important to our overall health and wellness.

Create Your Own Wellness Rituals

One of my biggest hurdles in life is starting the day well. I’m not a restful sleeper and many mornings wake as early as 3 am.

I find it difficult to go back to sleep and as soon as I’m awake my mind is ‘on’ and I usually make a coffee and head to my laptop to check out social media or my blog. Not a great way to prepare for my day!

I’ve written about my word for 2017 which is ‘Simplify’. One of the areas I would like to simplify is gaining control over social media – rather than it controlling me. So I need to make some changes to my day.

My P.T. and I sat down last week and made our plan to be more Fit and Fabulous in 2017. Now that we have our plan it is time to put it into practice and first up is to create a daily ritual.

Start and Finish the Day Calmly

I’m creating a daily ritual for mornings and evenings. This way I am starting the day positively and preparing for the day. My evening ritual will include reflecting on my day and relaxation to help me sleep better.

Here are my ways the create a daily ritual to be fit and fabulous.

MORNINGS: Create Your Daily Ritual

I’m currently reading a book ‘Are you Willing to Show Up and Live your Best Life?” by Dr James Rouse. Dr Rouse suggests four ways to start your morning – Mindfulness, Move, Mediate and Meal.

Gratitude – When I wake, I will think of AT LEAST ONE THING I am grateful for. Starting the day with a grateful heart is a favorite saying of mine. We can lose sight of all the positives and good things in our life because we are too busy. Taking the time first thing in the morning before getting out of bed will help my mental and spiritual well being.

Yoga and Stretching – each morning I will do a gentle yoga and stretching practice.
Enjoy a coffee or tea and think about my day – the way your day unfolds is a result of how you are feeling so taking time to think and just ‘be’ will help

Eat a nutritious breakfast to give me the energy I need to power through the day.

EVENINGS: Finish the Day Right

midlife, healthy living, midlife women, prevent your midlife crisisTurn off the screen – Another ritual Dr Rouse suggests is to turn off all screens – TV, iPad, laptop and phone at least 1 hour before you go to bed. I have a habit of hopping into bed with my e-reader but that will have to change.

I’m keeping a journal. My lovely P.T. Nikki, suggested that we keep a journal of our thoughts and feelings. I’ve read many blog posts about keeping a journal but I haven’t really done this before. My journal will be just for me and I will use it to reflect on my day, how I’m feeling, what I achieved and even the not so good things.

Reflection – Taking time to reflect and be thankful for the day in my quiet space with no distractions.

Writing a note for my Positivity Jar something that was positive in my day. We can all find something even if it is small.

Can you create a daily ritual which will help your mental and spiritual wellness?

Let’s Keep Sizzling!


Sunday 28th of May 2017

Wonderful suggestions, Sue! I find that even when I'm super busy and the mornings don't get off the the start I envision, I can still take a few minutes at bedtime to decompress which helps put things in perspective.

sue from sizzlingtowardssixty & beyond

Thursday 8th of June 2017

It is surprising that sometimes you only need five minutes of reflection to make us feel so much better. Thanks for your comment Shelley and have a beautiful day. X

Leanne |

Thursday 25th of May 2017

Lovely post Sue - you're right about being intentional in how we start and finish our days. I've kept a personal journal for years - somewhere I can put my thoughts down without having to worry about anyone else's opion or feelings. It's been a great resource to look back on over the years.

sue from sizzlingtowardssixty & beyond

Thursday 8th of June 2017

I find it hard to journal Leanne but writing our thoughts is certainly empowering and brings a sense of freedom.

Sarah Raymer

Monday 22nd of May 2017

Sue, I love the daily rituals idea! I am going to try my own version of this. I'll let you know how I do! Social media can truly take over your life. I am trying very hard to not go to FB everyday. Why do I need to see how many times everyone goes out to eat or see what the newest item they have purchased. Children and grandchildren are okay, I do that myself, but I start to feel the pressure that I am not living a productive life and that everyone else's life is much more fun and successful than mine. This is a total fantasy, I know, but the pressure is there, so unless it is one of my favorite authors with news I want to read I am going to try not to indulge in the silliness of FB. I have started doing yoga after an unfortunate planter factitious tear. Also, am going to do the daily ritual of saying positive things and daily prayers. Thank you for your post! Needed to read that today! Sarah

sue from sizzlingtowardssixty & beyond

Thursday 8th of June 2017

Hello Sarah thank you so much for your comment and sounds like you heave a plan to work on. Good for you and it is amazing how saying something positive really can lift your mood. Social media is hard to give up and I do like to keep in touch with family and friends however, it certainly can take over if not careful. have a beautiful day xx

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