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Assessing Your Perspective

Jackie Suis is a writer who shares stories of life and offers her perspective as a single woman while dating in midlife. We hope you’ll enjoy this story. Imagine, if you will, two rooms at the end of a hallway. (Let me guess, there is a horror movie that starts this way.) There is only one object in …

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Opening Our Eyes To Reminders

Glenda K. Harrison can be found sharing over on her site of the same name. This post was originally featured there.  I can remember a day, back when I was a young girl playing with my puppy, Sailor, in our backyard. I can clearly recall the moment a Monarch butterfly landed on my shoulder. The butterfly sat unabashed …

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influence and role model

Own Your Influence

Sue can be found writing regularly over at Sizzling Towards Sixty. This post was originally published there. In March we celebrated International Women’s Day. We took some time to acknowledge the achievements of women throughout our sisterhood. I had the radio on and noticed that the announcers asked us, their listeners, which woman has had the most influence in our …

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