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Spring Beauty Tips and Vitamin C Serum Giveaway

Midlife Boulevard is happy to partner with Day by Day Beauty to bring you spring beauty tips and a giveaway for their amazing Vitamin C serum. Please note that some links are affiliate links. Shopping through them supports Midlife Boulevard, and we thank you for it! 

Spring is here and in full swing, and as the weather gets nicer, our time spent outdoors increases. It’s also the cliché “Spring Cleaning” time of year. We are encouraged in all forms of media to un-do winter’s influence and prepare for the sun.

Spring is a relief for us, as Day by Day Beauty is headquartered in Naperville, a vibrant suburb outside of Chicago.  This winter has been just been brutal on us all.  (And after a lovely 70 degree day, it is currently snowing!  Anyone else wonder what is up with the weather?)  We thought it would be appropriate and enjoyable to share 3 beauty must-haves for healthy spring skin and each of their current best practices.

You probably predicted the first product on our list: Sunscreen with Broad-Spectrum Protection.  Dermatologists have proven that the number one product to both prevent premature aging and sun damage is sunscreen.  Luckily, getting an SPF (UVB Protection) & PPD (UVA Protection) on our skin is easier than ever.  The beauty industry now includes sunscreen agents into everything from body lotions, tinted moisturizers, and mineral foundations.  Do your research; however, and make sure you are investing in a quality product with effective SPF & PPD protection.

Current Best Practices: After applying your moisturizer but before applying your makeup, use ¼ teaspoon of sunscreen to the face.  Don’t rub it in, but rather pat.  Apply 20 – 30 minutes prior to sun exposure.

The second beauty must-have for well-nourished skin is also the product that is part of Midlife Boulevard’s giveaway below: Vitamin C Serum.  Vitamin C Serum is a powerful, natural anti-aging treatment shown to:

  • Help strengthen the skin’s natural resilience
  • Boost collagen production
  • Reduce age spots and repair sun damage
  • Restore elasticity of the skin, thereby also tightening its appearance
  • Protect from free radicals
  • Decrease fine lines and wrinkles 

Day by Day Beauty’s Vitamin C Serum is made with anti-aging ingredients such as: Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid, and hydrating agents like Aloe and Vitamin E.  Our serum was designed for all skin types including sensitive skin with a Vitamin C potency of 18%.

vitamin-c-serumCurrent Best Practices: Apply small amount with fingertips to freshly cleansed and toned face, neck, and décolleté areas (avoid direct contact with eyes). Allow time to absorb and follow with a moisturizer. Use a gentle upsweeping motion to spread the product. It is not necessary to knead into the skin.  Vitamin C Serum is a wonderful preventative tool to protect young skin from premature aging so targeting areas such as where crow’s feet and laugh lines appear first is perfectly acceptable.

Next on our must-have list – A Gentle Exfoliant.  Exfoliation is a way to aid the face in sloughing off dead skin cells, freeing clogged or nearly clogged pores, and leaving the face fresh.  Experts also feel that renewing the skin through exfoliation can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Exfoliating leaves the skin more sensitive to damaging influences, so true exfoliation should only happen one to two times a week followed by extra protective care.

Current Best Practices: There are gentle exfoliating products suitable for daily use; always read the manufacturers directions.  Additionally, not all body scrubs are suitable for the delicate facial skin.  Make sure to purchase and use the product where it was intended.

There you have it, Day by Day Beauty’s Top Three beauty must-haves for healthy spring skin.  Wishing you all a spring full of beauty and blessings!

Day by Day Beauty is happy to offer a giveaway of a bottle of Day by Day Beauty’s Vitamin C Serum to three lucky readers. Enter through the Rafflecopter widget below. Note that you can earn extra entries through the sharing feature. Good luck!

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Pamela Clemens

Pamela Clemens is the founder of Day by Day Beauty, a natural and organic beauty brand offering premium skin care at affordable prices. Pamela’s desire was to create a line of products both she and her mother could use due to their ability to prevent and combat the signs of aging. It’s her belief that being beautiful begins with a healthy self-image. Feeling good about looking good is not something to be ashamed of. And a serendipitous side effect of believing yourself beautiful is a more fulfilling life.

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Wednesday 7th of May 2014

Never tried it. Will be 50 this year, so prolly oughtta. ;)


Wednesday 7th of May 2014

I don't but I know I need to start doing more for my face.


Wednesday 7th of May 2014

I would love to try this. Any reaction in sunlight when used?


Thursday 8th of May 2014

Hi Ann! There is no reaction to using a Vitamin C Serum and the sunlight. I know there are some poweful treatment products and peels that can cause extreme sensitivity but that is not the same with Vitamin C Serum. (Or at least I speak for Day by Day Beauty's).

This is what I acutally share on my FAQs for our new website:

Please Note: It is important to realize that Vitamin C Serum is not a UVA/UVB protective, nor is it a moisturizer. A product with SPF is still recommended prior to sun exposure. Additionally, if you are under the care of a dermatologist taking prescription acne medication, doing a chemical peel or other dramatic change, always consult with your dermatologist or aesthetician with questions.


Wednesday 7th of May 2014

I haven't used a vitamin C serum but I'd like to try it.

Sharon Andrews

Wednesday 7th of May 2014

Would really like to try this.

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