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How To Start Exercising Again After a Break

Need to Start Exercising Again After Illness or Vacation?

Do you find it hard to get back on track with fitness and exercising after a long vacation? Maybe you have been ill and not able to exercise regularly or life has been hectic and you have just lost your mojo in regards to health and fitness. It happens to us all but the good news is you can prioritize your fitness and get back on track. Regain your fitness & healthy lifestyle after a vacation or illness.

African American grandmother happy after working outI’ve just returned today from 4.5 weeks exploring Spain and Italy with my darling husband, Mike. We had a fabulous time which also included a 7 day cruise around France, Italy, Malta and Sicily. Perhaps you saw some of my photos which I shared on Instagram and Facebook?

If you are a regular reader you will know that I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes eating a well balanced diet and exercising at least 4 times per week.

However, after enjoying the delicious cuisine, wine and gelato, I’ve returned home carrying a couple of kilos more than usual – even though we did plenty of walking it isn’t the same as working out.

To me there is no point taking a vacation or travelling and exploring other cultures if you aren’t going to relax and enjoy the food as well as the ‘sights’.

I’ve returned feeling wonderful and mentally motivated so starting today I’m back into a new routine and looking forward to losing those unwanted kilos and feeling back to my normal fitness levels.
So how will I regain my fitness and healthy lifestyle after my vacation?

1. Make Healthier Food Choices

After eating pasta, gelato and pizza and drinking too much sangria it is time for more salads, vegetables and smaller portions of meat, chicken and fish. I won’t be dieting just cutting back on the ‘ daily treats’ for a while.

2. Mix Up Work Outs

Apart from my two runs a week with my Saturday Sisters, I will be incorporating some yoga, cardio and light weights. I’ve mentioned before the app Yoga Studio which I just love but today I also found an App on the Microsoft Store called ‘Daily Workouts’. This App is FREE and has workout routines abs, legs, pilates, butt and weights.

Keeping variety helps maintain motivation.

Happy older woman in sports wear training with dumbbells indoors on the window background

3. Maintain Mental Well-Being

This month on the blog I’ve been focusing on ‘Gratitude’ which is an important factor in having a positive mental attitude to life.

I want to ensure that I look after my mental well-being by taking time out each day for ‘quiet time’ to reflect, dream and to think of 3 things I’m grateful for each day.

Keeping balance in life ensures good health and well-being in mind, body and soul which reduces stress and anxiety.Looking after yourself by eating healthier and exercising regularly is also a great way to reduce the post-holiday blues.Woman On Running Machine In Gym

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How do you regain your fitness & healthy lifestyle after a vacation or illness?
I’d love you to share your ideas on focusing on wellness with me and leave in the comments below.


Jim Brown

Saturday 15th of September 2018

Great post. You are certainly right that is not easy after falling out of the habit of daily exercise. As a newly retired couple we find that having the time to walk is a real boon.

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