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How to Pack Your Life into a Carry-On

Packing all of your things for traveling into multiple suitcases or even one large suitcase can be a hassle in packing and in keeping your things with you on your trip. Realistically, you can carry everything you need in a simple carry on bag and have it all right at your fingertips for use. Here are some tips and steps for how to pack your life into a carry-on for your next trip.

Make sure it has plenty of pockets

Make sure your carry-on is just right for what you need, usually meaning make sure it has lots of extra pockets. This way you can fit much more into your suitcase.

Pack lightly

When using just a carry-on you need to remember to pack light. Don’t bring tons of extra clothes, or a lifetime’s worth of supplies. Keep it down to what you’ll need.

woman packing a red suitcase

Wear what you can

If you need to bring bulky clothes or bigger shoes, wear them on the way there. It saves space in your bag and can help you feel comfy on the trip.

Use storage / compression bags to save space

If you have to, using compression bags can help a lot with making your clothes roll up much tighter and smaller than they normally would. Some are simple to use too.

Use space wisely

Use the space you have wisely if you have a pocket put all your bathroom needs in it. If you have space in your shoes, put small items inside them to help with your space.

Keep liquids on top for check

To reduce the hassle at the airport, keep your liquids and things that have to be taken out to be checked on top. It makes it so much easier than rummaging then repacking.

Coordinate your outfits

If you have something simple to wear that can be used in multiple outfits, use it! Don’t pack extras of things you already have or too many outfits.

Use your traveling buddy’s space

If your traveling partner has extra room in their bag or vice versa you can use each other’s space to bring more things along.

Double check

Always go back to your packing and make sure you packed as light as you can while still having what you need. It helps to make sure you don’t forget things or overpack. Here are some packing tips for how to pack your carry-on luggage for a trip.

Maybe these tips will help you pack less on your next trip or the next destination you arrive at. It will make your travel a lot lighter and easier to deal with, especially if you’re flying. Travel safely, and best of luck on your trips to come! Let me know in the comments if these tips helped you travel with a smaller suitcase, or if you’ve done similar things to traveling with a carry-on before.  


Tuesday 26th of February 2019

I love the old adage, take out half of your clothes and double your money! Traveling light is just the way to go especially when the charges for a bag on a flight are getting high. Now it is cheaper in country to ship via US Mail a box than to pay for a bag!

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