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Here’s the skin rejuvenation tool you need for multiple spa treatments at home.

Disclosure: I was provided with free product to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided and no opinion other than my own was required.

LED therapy for skin works, but spas and derms are expensive.

The closer I get to fifty, the more time and effort I spend on my skin. The urgency has increased due to the rosacea I’ve developed as part of an inflammatory disease. I have been dealing with red skin and rashes on my nose and cheeks for the last two years. It’s embarrassing.

What’s helped so far for me has been switching to soothing skin care products, eliminating gluten and most sugar from my diet, focusing on good sleep habits, and avoiding my flare triggers like heat and stress.

Still, I’m not completely happy with the recent changes to my skin. I’ve researched laser and LED treatments at a local dermatologist, but I don’t think it’s covered by my insurance, and it’s pricey. I would never try to DIY laser treatments, but I was excited to find out there was an at-home LED treatment.

unboxed nurysh lyft
Check the current price of the Nurysh Lyft beauty tool.

I love beauty tools and have used face brushes, jade rollers, face massagers, and dry brushes. So, the Nurysh Lyft, a 7-function anti-aging and skin rejuvenation device is right up my alley.

The Nurysh Lyft has four treatment functions.

  1. Cleanser
  2. Nutrition
  3. Photo Rejuvenation Therapy
  4. Face Massage

The four treatment functions can be combined at two or three in a session, one after the other. My favorite combines Nutrition Plus, which vibrates one of the serums I use into my skin, Anti-Aging Photo Rejuvenation Therapy, five minutes of red LED light followed by five minutes of yellow LED light, and Face Lifting, fifteen minutes of a face and neck massage.

There are shorter combinations, and each treatment setting can be used by itself if you want a quick treatment.

Pay attention to your skin during treatment for redness or swelling. I never experienced either, though my skin did tingle slightly. It just looked like I’d been massaging my face for several minutes. It tingled in a good way, like my circulation was really stimulated! All pinkness went away as fast as it does after a normal face washing.

You may have different results, but I was actually extremely happy with my results after just a few sessions. I saw a lot of reduction of my constant rosecea redness. I could use less makeup in the morning to even out my complexion. Also, I thought my eyes looked less puffy.

Whenever I start something new in a skin care routine, I accept that it might take weeks or months for any results. I felt that after three treatments with the Lyft I could tell a difference.

During a video chat with a friend who didn’t know I was using the Lyft, she remarked that my skin was glowing. I’ve been embarrassed by my red face and nose over the last two years, so hearing her compliment made my day.

My teen daughters are itching to try the Lyft because of the setting for acne treatment, a blue LED treatment followed by a green LED light treatment. They don’t have full acne, just those occasional blemishes you get each month.

Note that the Lyft isn’t waterproof, so don’t submerge it. I clean off any cleansers, serums, and oil treatments off with a dry washcloth, then wipe it with a little bit of alcohol on a cotton round when I’m done with a treatment.

The unit is a lightweight handheld wand that you charge with the included cord. It comes with the charging cord, a small stand, instructions, and a set of small goggles. It’s recommended to use the goggles if you are using one of the LED treatments. Always smart when you are using a bright light near your eyes.

Find out more information on the company’s site.

Want a #FaceLyft? Check out the Nurysh’s Lyft device on Amazon. I feel pretty good about recommending it. Use my Nurysh Lyft coupon code for 20% off: 20APPROMO

Anne Parris

Anne Parris is a managing partner Midlife Boulevard. Her personal blog, Not A Supermom, is your typical mommy blog that her kids say used to be funnier. Anne has a business degree and a dusty résumé from a top accounting firm and a Fortune 500 company, which she reminds herself of every time she is washing underpants. She lives with her family in Virginia and blogs mostly to support her coffee habit.


Wednesday 27th of February 2019

Thanks for the recommendation Anne!


Tuesday 26th of February 2019

This sounds like a great product! I have uneven skin tones and just flat out bad skin so I am always looking for something and this may be just the something for me!

Anne Parris

Tuesday 26th of February 2019

I do think one of the LED treatments can help reduce uneven skin tone. My problem is redness, not melanin spots, but I should look into that function on the Lyft.

Susan Williams

Tuesday 26th of February 2019

Oh, my gosh, who DOESN'T want to hear that their skin looks GLOWING?! I think I'd enjoy having a "spa day", and using it, with a friend, as long as you can clean it up with alcohol. Hint, hint. I could bring some additional alcohol...just to be safe....

Anne Parris

Tuesday 26th of February 2019

Oh, yes, I think it would be great for a girls' spa day at home. Mine's held a charge over several uses. Let's do a spa and mimosa day!

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