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Who Fixed Your Face?

Sitting with a group of girlfriends at our favorite local wine tasting room, getting caught up on our lives, over lots of laughter, swapping gossip and tips on families, work, shopping, and husbands, when the subject inevitably turned to aging…what we love (grandkids!) and what we hate (gravity). Naturally, we immediately began collectively congratulating each other on how young we all look and how “50 is the new 40.” (How do you think we all became best friends? On this particular subject, objective honesty will get you tossed out of the boat. In a world that puts 14-year-olds on the cover of Vogue, one’s invite into our inner circle is determined simply by your ability to say “You look faaabulous” like you mean it.)

About halfway through the evening, I looked over and saw a woman staring at me from another table like she recognized me, but wasn’t sure from where. I gave her a friendly smile, and a few minutes later, she approached our table. I thought she was going to join us, but as I went to grab her a chair, she looked directly at me and said, “Hi. I’m new to the area, and I’m looking for a good place to get my Botox and other cosmetic injectables. You looked like you would know. Any recommendations?”


As my friends choked on their wine in unrestrained merriment and I desperately searched my brain for how this might even be a SHRED of a compliment, I finally sighed, what the hell, and jotted down the number on a napkin. She left, all happy smiles, chatting on her iPhone as she walked out the door, while I debated running after her and asking her to book a two-for-one. Apparently I’m overdue.

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Vikki Claflin

“Vikki is an author, humor blogger, public speaker, and former newspaper columnist. She can be found in "Life Well Blogged, Parenting Gag Reels," available at She has been regularly featured on Erma Bombeck's Writer's Website and Better After 50 online magazine. Vikki shares her most embarrassing moments as she comes to terms with middle age, and she laughs as hard as we do. So pour the wine, grab your Spanx, and check her out at Laugh Lines!

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Pinky Poinker

Thursday 9th of January 2014

That was definitely a compliment. They're the best types of compliments as far as I'm concerned. No ulterior motive!

Marcia Shaw Wyatt

Thursday 9th of January 2014

Oh the things people assume & the nerve they have to tell you about it! Never ceases to amaze me. I love how you handled this - first looking for the compliment in it and then laughing it off. Way to be, Vikki! You go girl ... and by the way, you do look fabulous!

Bouncin Barb

Thursday 9th of January 2014

Hahahah.....Busted! Great post Vicki.

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