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10 Quick & Easy Chicken Crockpot Meals

Chicken Crockpot Recipes

During the fall I cook in my crock pot more than I cook on the stove. I love the simplicity of being able to set it and forget it. But with the crockpot I still having a delicious meal for dinner that tastes like I slaved over the stove for hours. Here are some of my favorite chicken crockpot recipes, which I typically find the best deals on at the grocery store.

1- Chicken Noodle Soup

Nothing is more satisfying when the weather cools off than a hearty crockpot chicken noodle soup.  Now you can fix it and forget it with this easy, family-pleasing soup. Pair with a crusty loaf of bread for an easy and economical supper. And save some leftovers for lunch, because soup is always better the next day.

2- Chicken Tinga Tacos

These Crock Pot Chicken Tinga Tacos have a bacon pico de gallo that will take your tastebuds to flavor heaven. Another economical dinner recipe is fancy enough for company. Shredded chicken is simmered in a slow cooker in a chipotle tomato sauce seasoned with onion and garlic. The pico de gallo containing bacon is a refreshing alternative to salsa.  

3- Chicken & Stuffing

It’s almost a little embarrassing how much my kids like stuffing. I have to make two different kinds for Thanksgiving or there’s a revolt. We tend to have stuffing often as a side dish in the fall and winter. Don’t save it for Thanksgiving!

And this crockpot chicken and stuffing would be cause for jubilation at my house during dinner.

4- Chicken Fajitas

Fajitas are a staple in my dinner rotation, especially for a weeknight meal. Now it’s even easier to have them any day with this crockpot fajita recipe.  A quick prep time means you can prep and start before you leave for work and come home to a ready-to-eat dinner. I’ve popped a layer of foil on top and used the crockpot to warm up my tortillas a few minutes before we’re ready to eat.

5- Chicken, Stuffing & Green Beans

Another spin of the chicken and stuffing crockpot recipe, this one gets you a servings of veggies in you with the addition of green beans. Even my pickiest eater will chow down on vegetables when they are teamed up with a tasty favorite like stuffing.

6- Orange Chicken

Now my favorite Chinese restaurant order can be made for a lot less at home. This crockpot orange chicken recipe lets you feel like you ordered out. And since you are choosing the ingredients, it probably has a lot less oil and salt that what you get delivered.

7- Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Cook up a big batch of this crockpot chicken and wild rice soup and save the extra in the freezer for when someone has a cold, or if you want a delicious lunch on the weekend that you just need to warm up. So much better for you than anything that comes out of a can!

8- Chicken and Dumplings

My husband’s absolute favorite dinner is crockpot chicken and dumplings. His mom’s specialty, this serves up a tasty bowl of childhood nostalgia.

9- Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Without too many changes, these Asian chicken lettuce wraps make a wonderful crockpot keto dinner.

10- BBQ Chicken

Crockpot BBQ chicken is so versatile. Serve it on a bun, fill a baked potato with it, top a corn or potato chowder with a big dollop, and freeze some for later. Serve with any summer side dish like corn on the cob, cole slaw, or potato salad.

Which of these crockpot chicken recipes are you going to try first?

Looking for more crockpot recipe ideas? Try these slow cooker soup recipes, ten amazing crockpot recipes, and our favorite slow cooker white chicken chili.

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