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10 Slow Cooker Soups Perfect For Cold Weather

Looking for an easy way to warm up on a chilly fall evening? Try one of these slow cooker soups!

Soup in the Crockpot for dinner is great for families who want delicious meals that are easy to make. These healthy recipes can also be made in large quantities and frozen for later.

Looking for more slow cooker dinner recipes? Maybe something in the Crockpot that’s keto?

First, some important tips for making soup in a slow cooker!

Are slow cookers good for making soups?

Yes, slow cookers are great for making soups. Their warm environment helps slow down the leavening action of dough (cooking gluten) so breads and slow cooker soups come out light and fluffy. Where slow cookers really shine is in their ability to bring flavors together. The slow, even heating allows the ingredients to blend with each other instead of keeping the flavors separate. They slow down flavor development (even out) so that when you taste your slow cooker soups you don’t get a blast of one flavor at the front of your tongue and another at the bottom, but rather they blend together into a single pleasing whole.

Can I cook soup in a slow cooker overnight?

Yes, slow cooking is a very slow process that has been known to take anywhere from 8-24 hours. With soups, however, the flavors of slow cooker soup kits can be fully developed in about 12 hours. Ideal slow cookers are those that have a timer and automatically switch the switch to “warm” once it’s done cooking.

Can you slow cook soup in an instant pot?

Yes, slow cooking works well in an Instant Pot because the cooker is programmed for slow release. It can be set on “manual” to toggle up and down between a high setting (pressure) and a low setting (for slow cooking). The slow cooker functions as both slow cooking and pressure cooking by slow releasing steam to cook food.

Does slow cooker soup get too thick?

Yes, slow cooker soups are typically not very thin when cooked through so that the slow cooker doesn’t burn out during the process. If you find your slow cooker soup is too thick, just add some water and continue slow cooking!

Can you overcook soup in a slow cooker?

Yes, slow cooker soup recipes need to be monitored closely once slow cooking has started. Because slow cookers evenly heat the ingredients in soups (as opposed to boiling them), slow cooker soup recipes can become burnt and overcooked quickly if not carefully watched.

Can you make slow cooker soup in a stockpot on the stove?

Yes, any slow cooker soup recipe can be cooked on the stove in a pot. A Crock-Pot is not required for slow cooker soup recipes to be cooked. Home cooks made soups forever before the first slow cooker came on the market in the 1970s.

Make sure if you do make one of these recipes on the stove that you choose a large enough pot. You’ll need one that is large enough to be not much more than half full, has a lid so too much of the cooking liquid doesn’t evaporate, and has a heavy enough bottom your soup maintains a low temperature without burning or scorching your food.

Now enjoy these recipes as you plan your next dinner:

1) Creamy Gnocchi Soup

Bowl of creamy gnocchi soup

Creamy gnocchi soup is a slow cooker soup recipe that will warm you right up and is perfect for a slow cooker recipe on a chilly evening.

Make it dairy-free by substituting the cream with coconut milk.

 2) Mexican Soup

This slow cooker posole recipe from Fox Valley Foodie has all of your favorite Mexican flavors, only in a slow-cooked easy recipe. Add a little shredded cheese and top with fresh cilantro to make it even more authentic.

Instead of Taco Tuesday, have Slow Cooker Sunday. You’ll be glad you did!

3) Ham and Bacon Split Pea Soup

ham and split pea soup full of carrots and topped with chopped bacon

Split peas are slow cooked with ham and bacon for a flavorful meal without any fuss. Top with crispy bacon and this recipe will have you licking your spoon after every bite.

4) Creamy Corn Soup

A slow-cooked meal doesn’t have to be an hour-long process. This recipe will make you feel like it’s been slow cooking all day, but in reality, the longest part takes about 5 minutes.  You’ll love the creamy texture and cheesy taste of this creamy corn soup.

5) Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken tortilla soup is a classic comfort meal that even the pickiest palate will love. Adjust the heat if that’s what your family prefers.

Serve with crispy tortilla strips on the side for a finishing touch.

6) Slow Cooker Taco Soup

The Tuesday night staple meal is transformed into slow cooker taco soup. This Crock Pot recipe combines veggies, beans, and meat for an all-around Mexican flair that will leave your family wanting more.

7) Rustic Tomato Soup

A chunky vegetable soup that includes tender beef, slow-cooked to perfection. Top with cheese and croutons for a comforting meal in a bowl.

8) Low Carb Crockpot Vegetable Beef Soup

A slow cooker beef soup recipe that is chock full of vegetables, making it low-carb, healthy and hearty all at the same time. A great way to use up that extra zucchini and whatever else is in your veggie drawer.

9) Minestrone Soup

A slow cooker vegetarian soup recipe that is packed full of Italian flavor. A great way to warm up on a cold day, and leftovers freeze well for later. Serve it up on Meatless Monday! Also, easily made dairy free and gluten free with easy omissions or substitutions that won’t affect the heart of the recipe.

Top with parmesan cheese and a little extra fresh basil for the very best Italian-inspired slow cooker soup recipe.

10) Crockpot Cheeseburger Soup

Perhaps the yummiest slow cooker meal for a meat-and-potatoes kind of family.  

Cheeseburger soup makes the comfort food favorite even better, with slow-cooked beef and potatoes, all topped with melted cheddar cheese to make it a cheeseburger in a bowl.  A mouthwatering slow cooker soup recipe that is sure to please. And it’s made with whole ingredients. No fake cheese here. Save the American cheese for your queso!


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