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7 Tips for Spring Allergy Relief! #SpringItOn


This post is sponsored by Minute Clinic. A promotional item was received, but all opinions are my own.

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Everything about spring is glorious! Well, almost everything. Seasonal allergies or a spring cold can ruin what is otherwise perfect spring day.

First of all, how can you tell the difference between a cold and allergies? Colds don’t usually last past a week, but allergies can continue for months, or as long as the allergen is present in your environment.

Many people suffer from allergies and don’t even know it. The symptoms are easily confused with those of a cold. The difference can be that a cold is usually accompanied by a cough, fever, aches, and pains.

A cold is a viral infection, while allergies are an immune response to a foreign irritant. Itchy eyes are a normal allergy response, but not so with a cold.

Here are some daily tips from Minute Clinic to keep you healthy and help prevent allergies this spring.

  • It’s impossible to keep from coming into contact with pollen–it’s everywhere right now! However, it is possible to get fast relief at a nearby Minute Clinic.
  • Do like Taylor Swift and shake it off! Before coming inside, rid your clothes of pollen with a good shake.
  • Spring sniffles and sneezing are most likely NOT a cold. Could it be allergies? Find out more here.
  • Your hair products could be a pollen magnet. Skip the sticky stuff during allergy season for a little extra relief. I also wash my hair at night if I’ve been outside a lot that day. Even a quick rinse will do.
  • Avoid window fans. While convenient, they tend to bring in unwanted pollens or mold spores. You can’t do anything about the pollen count outside, but you can maintain a pollen-free home as much as possible.
  • Pull out the shades. Sunglasses protect your eyes from pollen, while keeping you looking stylish at the same time. What a great excuse to shop for new accessories.
  • Fall asleep on clean sheets. Wash your bedding every two weeks to help ease allergy symptoms. I prefer once a week, and sometimes even more often if I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors.

One in five Americans suffer from allergies or asthma. Don’t suffer through another allergy season. Use these tips to avoid your allergens.

Need medical advice? Find the nearest Minute Clinic and speak to one of their health care professionals. No need to suffer through another spring with itchy eyes!

Sharon Greenthal

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Leisa A. Hammett

Tuesday 28th of April 2015

Nice to see non-drug remedies suggested! I'll add: Netti Pot! Netti Pot! Netti Pot! You're washing away the pollens that line the tissues of the nose and cause them to swell. (So smart to practice prevention.) I may do up to 4 times a day if there's a particular pollen causing me to react. For those squimish about (it took me years to muster the courage, but now I'm a seasoned pro,) there's a product alternative called Neil M.D. There's also Ocean, another product, but not as effective as rinsing it out of the cavities. There. I wrote that. Ha. (Old, old blog post by me on this from 2009, in case I've not already told you all you wish to know.)

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