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The True Meaning of Style

True StyleTrue Style

Style and its true meaning is a very intriguing topic. In the early stages of my career in fashion, I discovered there is quite a difference between style, and the act of getting dressed; or, Having Style verses Being in Style.

While most banish the subject into simple sartorial pursuits, the true meaning often eludes, and continues to be placed within a context that’s one dimensional, and much easier to understand.

After graduating from the prestigious FIDM in Los Angeles, California (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising), I began my pilgrimage into the world of fashion as a manager of a popular trendy fashion chain store.

Part of my job description required ensuring everyone adhered to the company dress code. We were offered steep discounts to make sure we were able to dress in the latest garments sold in the store. We were, in essence, cloned walking advertisements.

While most of us failed to step outside what was expected, there was one employee who deviated from the norm to dress in a way that told her story. I was by no means infatuated with her fashion choices, but her clothing definitely offered a glimpse into her world.

My experience with this fellow employee marked the beginning of my careful (and often scrutinizing) analysis of the meaning of true style. Countless books and articles have been written about the subject. Most keep the meaning within the realm of garments, and how we choose to wear them.

While some may choose to believe style is only about getting dressed, it does, in fact, have a more complex meaning. How does one explain someone who has that certain je ne sais quoi, like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Michelle Obama, and Audrey Hepburn?

All three of these women come from different backgrounds, have unique stories, and have different tastes, yet the majority of people would describe them as having immense style. What is the magical element they each possess?

In my latest book, True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface, I’m uncovering the meaning of the word by carefully removing the layers that make up this unique individual, and then slowly weaving them together again. In the end, you’ll see a beautiful tapestry to behold – one of depth, character and meaning.

In January I shared a month-long series titled, Style Is… on my blog, So What To Twenty. The series was created to give a glimpse into the character of this unique individual. Be sure to check out these posts for some style insight.

During the series, the ground work was laid to begin uncovering the masterful person who captivates us with their style. I labored for nine months to bring this thought-provoking subject to life. Together, with the beautiful illustrations of Allison Lawdanski Taylor, we capture the essence of this person. After reading True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface (available February 2017) you’ll never view the subject of style the same again.

Stay True, Glenda

Glenda K. Harrison

From the runway to your personal closet, be it advice on the proper attire, or suggestions on how to live life to the fullest, readers throughout the world are being inspired by connecting to “So What to Twenty”, a style blog by creator, author, and freelance style contributor, Glenda K. Harrison, graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with a degree in Marketing and Merchandising. Although fashion and style are important to her, Harrison's real passion is reminding others of the importance of self-love and using one's God-given gifts and talents. Her blog inspires readers to view fashion as an all-encompassing vehicle and encourages women to explore their personal gifts, style, power, and, most importantly, inner beauty. Harrison has been quoted saying, "I view my clothing as the cast of characters in my life, and together we tell the story of Glenda." The death of her mother spurred Harrison to launch A Daughter's Heart in 2008, a cancer support service that partnered with hospitals to provide love and support to women undergoing cancer treatment. She put aside that work to focus on her lifelong dream of touching lives through her writing and her passionate point of view on the subject of style. Harrison has authored an inspirational memoir titled, A Place Called Peace, and, True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface. Both available on CreateSpace eStore and Amazon.

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Thursday 16th of February 2017

Yup, style is above everything. It's fascinating how some people look so good with almost no effort at all!

Glenda Harrison

Friday 17th of February 2017

Absolutely, Grace. It's a beautiful thing.

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