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Tips for Coloring Your Hair at Home Like a Pro

More and more women are now choosing to color their hair from the comfort of their own bathroom. It is less time consuming, can be done without a salon appointment, and is — not to mention — much less expensive. Use these tips to color your hair at home like a pro.

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Many near-professional home coloring kits can be purchased from most pharmacies and supermarkets starting under ten dollars.

Choosing the ideal hair dye is fundamental when coloring your hair at home. Choosing the correct color dye is the most important factor.

If a natural tone is your priority, then the shade should be chosen within your natural range of color, especially when gray coverage is the desired outcome.

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For example, if you are a natural brunette, then you should venture no darker than a shade similar to that of dark chocolate and no lighter than an amber hue.

Either an ebony or an icy blonde would be a striking opposite, difficult to become accustomed to and challenging to reverse. Most coloring packages come equipped with a scale of color, in which you can compare the expected result with the current color of your hair.

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However, some generic boxes may not provide good enough information to make a good color selection. For this reason, you should choose a reputable brand. Often more expensive, the color will be more dependable and ultimately more economical.

A quality product will produce a result that is more effective and durable and not need frequent touch-ups.  Brands such as L’oreal Paris or Garnier manufacture affordable products which are easy to use. Both brands work on new and improved products all the time, but even their basic lines are reliable.

Important things to remember when coloring your hair at home: Always do an allergy test 48 hours prior to dying your hair. This is a precaution, but severe cases of allergic reactions are common and can occur even with a product you have used before.

When mixing the bottle of color, make sure to cover the cap with our finger firmly to prevent product splattering and creating a stain on your bathroom surfaces.

Wear old clothes, use old or dark towels or buy a coverup just for coloring your hair. This will help you avoid staining your nice clothes and linens.

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Home hair coloring can be a complex procedure if you are attempting it yourself, so having a friend or family member to assist you will guarantee a rapid and worthwhile outcome.

Always wear gloves, as hair dye or bleach can irritate skin and stain your hands and nails for an uncertain amount of time.

Avoid applying the hair color to the scalp directly since it may also stain.

Use voice commands with your cell phone or home voice assistants like Alexa on an Amazon Echo to set timers. It’s important to keep the dye on to develop the color sufficiently without overprocessing.

Whether you color your hair for the rest of your life or rock your natural gray hair, confidence is the key to beauty at every age.

Anne Parris

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