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My Mother-In-Law’s Final Days

Roxanne Jones blogs at BoomerHaiku. This post was originally featured there.  Memories My 80-year-old mother-in-law came to live with Hubs and me for what turned out to be the last six months of her life in 2004. Pat had lost her husband the year before to complications from Alzheimer’s disease, and was in year eight …

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The Water Bottle Lady

Living in modern society’s version of a manufactured Mayberry (the gated community) has its perks. One of those perks is that when the driver of a van pulls over and rolls down the window while you’re walking your dog, your first instinct isn’t to shout, “Stranger danger!” and make a break for it—dragging your aging …

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Is Genetic Testing Necessary?

Whether or not you should get genetic testing is not a decision we at Midlife Boulevard can make for you. Please speak with your doctors and your family members as you assess whether this is something you need to consider. Below you will find Dr. Allmen offering up information on why some people do and …

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