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finding yourself at fifty

This is Fifty

Melinda can be found over at Love The Life You Lead, where this post was originally featured. As I reflect on turning fifty, I’m aware of the impact the thirties and the forties have had on me. It’s a little long, but hell, I’m old enough now that I’ve had lots of time to consider and be …

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laughing at life after 40

A Peek At Your 50s and 60s

Marcia Kester Doyle writes regularly at Menopausal Mother. This post was originally featured there. Find yourself around the age of 40 and think you’ve got it bad? Want to join me and take a peek into your 50s and 60s? Several of my friends recently celebrated their fortieth birthdays, and each of them bemoaned the …

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Age Gets Better With Wine

Age gets better with wine. I saw that on a sign in a shop during a recent trip to Napa California. I completely agree! Like a few glasses of wine, getting older makes you care less about what others think, it causes you to focus on real priorities, and it helps you to understand what really …

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