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Rock A Summer Look With These Fashion Bloggers

Summer Style Tips from midlife fashion bloggers.

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Cathy Lawdanski blogs over at My Side of Fifty where she talks about tackling life at – you guessed it – this side of 50! She originally shared this post about summer fashion there.

No matter what age we are, we love looking at beautiful fashion and thinking about how we can recreate those looks.

I follow the blogs of several midlife fashion bloggers – women from ages forty to seventy and up – who embrace their age and their bodies. These women dress in a way that is appealing to THEM.

Their independent spirit, confidence, and fashion sense inspire me. So have a look at their classic styles.

Classic Looks for Summer Fashion

Rock A Summer Look With These Fashion Bloggers

Source: My Side of Fifty

The White Blouse

Jennifer Connolly – A Well Styled Life. Jennifer styled a white cotton voile shirt. Since Jennifer is an inverted triangle shape, she wears one or two sizes larger on top than on the bottom. She wore this semi-shear top over a V-neck tank . She prefers the V-neck because her shoulders are broad. Then she tied it at the waist which she says gives her waist definition and hides any “muffin top” action!

[bctt tweet=”Tie a blouse at the waist to give it definition and hide any hint of muffin top.” username=”midlifeblvd”]

Rock A Summer Look With These Fashion Bloggers

Source: My Side of Fifty

Bermuda Shorts

Shellie Bowdoin – The FABulous Journey. Do you wear shorts? You can still wear shorts in midlife – you just have to find the right fit and length. Bermuda is Shellie’s favorite length. She says, “When choosing Bermuda shorts, pay close attention to the taper at the knee. If the bottom hem is too wide, the shorts can make your legs look shorter. Sometimes I have my shorts altered to taper them in gradually from mid-thigh to the knee…The most flattering hemline should hit above the knee cap.”

Shellie also goes for the monochromatic look in this outfit, which pulls everything all together and lends an air of sophistication.

[bctt tweet=”Bermuda shorts look best when tapered from mid-thigh to hemline” username=”midlifeblvd”]

Rock A Summer Look With These Fashion BloggersSource: My Side of Fifty

A Denim Jacket

Shelly Janac – The Queen In Between. A great blue jean jacket is definitely a necessity. While we often think of denim as something casual in our closet it can also stand to elevate an ordinary outfit. This particular look allows this sleeveless swing dress to become office appropriate and with a few accessories like a fun necklace, seasonal purse and stylish shoes. It looks completely pulled together.

[bctt tweet=”A Denim Jacket can elevate an ordinary outfit.” username=”midlifeblvd”]

Rock A Summer Look With These Fashion Bloggers

Source: My Side of Fifty

On the flip side, how many times have you purchased a dress a little more on the fancy side for a cocktail party or a wedding and didn’t find a way to wear it often enough to justify the cost. In this case, I used a denim jacket to bring this fun little dress down to a level I could wear to the office without feeling over the top!

These ladies have provided me with a wealth of knowledge as I’ve tried to develop my own mid-life fashion style. Check out their blogs and follow them on social media to get their latest fashion tips.

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Sunday 17th of July 2016

Never liked the denim jacket, never will. Yes, I understans it's a 'classic', but to me it seems as if you're trying toi hard to be fashionable. Either of those two dresses are fine without(in my opionion).

[email protected]

Friday 15th of July 2016

A denim jacket is perfect over any and every summer maxi dress. Good tips. Tracey


Wednesday 13th of July 2016

Love a denim jacket! I still have the one I stole from my husband when we were first married over 30 years ago. It is a classic.

Cathy Lawdanski

Thursday 14th of July 2016

The denim jacket never goes out of style! I thought Shelly did a great job styling that piece!

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