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The Sexiest Shoes I’ve Ever Worn

Anne Bardsley is the author of How I Earned My Wrinkles…Musings on Marriage, Motherhood and MenopauseHer blog tour was a great success. She has been published in several magazines. She also blogs at She would have more published if she didn’t spend so much time pondering how to get firm thighs without exercising. She is the mother of five grown children and three wonderful grandchildren. She lives in St Pete, Florida with her husband of thirty-six years and her two spoiled cockapoos.

Sexy Shoes Ever Worn

My husband is a connoisseur of women’s feet. He notices women’s shoes. We live in Florida where flip flops are considered formal wear. There is a never ending supply of amusement for him here. He likes high sexy heels on women (obviously). We’ll be out and he’ll say, “Anne, check out her heels. You should get a pair of them.” I am five foot seven and I wear a size ten shoe. Sexy heels make me feel like Goliatha and Scott is David. I tower over my 5’ 10” husband. He doesn’t care. He’s looking at my feet!

Since we’re empty nesters, I decided I should spice things up a bit. I went shopping for sexy, six- inch heels. When I tried them on, I had to lean on the saleswoman to stand. I couldn’t walk without assistance. It’s a strange angle when you’re 6” higher from the rear. My head stuck out at a strange angle. I looked like an angry, wild bird on a hunt. I felt like my outstretched head was leading my body and it wasn’t good. I was following myself! I bought the beautiful blue suede 6” heels anyway and proudly left the store feeling like a big sex kitten…with very pointy feet.

My husband wasn’t home yet so I prepared for his arrival. I put on a short skirt and sat in the chair with a drink at my side. I bounced my legs to show off my sexy heels. They looked so amazing. When he walked in the door he nearly fainted. “Surprise!” I yelled, laughing. I modeled the shoes from my chair, bouncing my legs.

“Let’s see you walk,” he suggested, as he smiled at me. I think he licked his lips too.

This was not a good idea. I was dreading the walk part. I sipped my drink and rose out of the chair at that strange angle. I leaned my head into my walk and looked like a mad ostrich on a hunt. I took three steps, swishing my hips as I pranced down my imaginary runway. Then I lost control. I couldn’t stop myself. I ended up in the kitchen braced by the counter. I literally ran through the living room like a runaway train, trying to stay upright.

“Where’d you go?” he yelled. “Come back so I can see you better.” I did my ostrich prance back towards the living room. I was six foot one in these heels and I was rolling. This was not a sexy dance, believe me. He finally got up and walked in front of me. I put my hands on his shoulders and he led me to the chair.

“Well let’s see them sitting down again,” he said. “You’ll have to practice walking in them.”

“I think these will be my sitting heels. I’ll get seated and you just serve me drinks.” This seemed like the best possible idea to prevent injuries.

“This is just not sexy,” I moaned. ‘Maybe I’m more the orthopedic shoe type.” I was sad, very sad. My playful sex kitten has turned into an old, ragged Tabby.

“Oh stop!” He interrupted my pity party.

“Let’s go dancing!” he shrieked. Before I know it were in the car. Next we were on the dance floor. We were in each other’s arms like young lovers. No one knew he was actually keeping me vertical. One loose step and I’d be off doing my ostrich dance and take out the entire band. Just the thought of it made me hold Scott tighter. We looked like honeymooners. A few older couples smiled at us. The top of his head came just below my chin. I kissed the top of his head tenderly. It was so romantic! Maybe my blue suede heels did have a place in my future after all.

“We could get you a helmet and knee pads to practice walking,” he whispered as we swayed to a slow dance. Or we can always use Pop’s walker and I can watch you walk from behind.” I stopped kissing his head at that moment and tried to bite him.

Yep! These beautiful blue suede heels are making me feel super sexy right now!!




Anne Bardsley

Author of How I Earned My Wrinkles. ..Musings on Marriage, Motherhood and Menopause. Featured on, Scary Mommy, and more. I Get my age and bra size confused. I'm 62 but I swear I am a 38C.

Anne Bardsley

Author of How I Earned My Wrinkles. ..Musings on Marriage, Motherhood and Menopause. Featured on, Scary Mommy, and more. I Get my age and bra size confused. I'm 62 but I swear I am a 38C.

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