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Remember Self-Care

Self-Care, take care of youDonna Ryan can be found on her blog, 50 Plus Sticking Together. She has always thrived on inspiration and love reading about it wherever she can find it. She shares stories on how life is fun and exciting as these truly are the best days of our lives.

Button up your overcoat when the wind is free, take good care of yourself you belong to me!

This is a line from a song and to be totally honest I cannot tell you the rest of the lyrics. I just remember hearing my aunt sing it when I was a child. I am thinking there are a lot of people out there who are buttoning up lots of others overcoats and perhaps neglecting themselves.

​We are in a generation where we are perhaps taking care of our elderly parents, grandchildren or spouses.

​I asked someone the other day if she preferred working out in the morning or night and she said neither.   She is just too tired. That made me feel very sad.

​I realize as we age we may tire more easily and experience medical problems. I am 57 and just the other day while I was attempting to do a Zumba Gold class I threw my back out. I repeat it was a Zumba Gold class… So believe me, I get the frustration.

​Yes, it is a fact. Our bodies change. Everything in life is temporary.

​Come on ladies. Let’s stick together on this. We cannot allow ourselves to get frustrated because we are busy or our bodies no longer can do what they once did. By the time we are 50-something we should applaud changes. For goodness sake we certainly have seen enough of them by now. When we fear change we just get stuck. I am not suggesting we climb mountains or run marathons. But yes we can take care of ourselves. It is our right to do so!

​My New Years Resolution for 2017!

My resolution for 2017 is to work on taking good care of ME.

​I am the type of person that cannot say NO. When my phone rings I pick it up immediately and nine times out of ten I say yes to whatever the request may be. Even if I don’t want to. Doing this only frustrates me and I need to stop. I am going to try to turn my phone off for an hour or two a day. Hearing a voicemail may just give me a few moments to think about how I really want to answer a request. Not to mention, the delay in hearing from me may just make the person call someone else for the favor.

​Maybe I cannot do Zumba Gold as well as I once did but this morning folding laundry I had a grand time dancing around my apartment blasting some good oldie favorites like Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons Oh, what a night. I see a whole bunch of young people reading this saying who? Yes, I’m showing my age here far worse than I did with the Zumba Gold line. I do realize that.

My point? Dance, move, walk, laugh! I repeat, LAUGH. It’s the most important word.

Make The Right Choices

​​The choices we make today affect our tomorrows. We absolutely must find time to take care of ourselves.

​I promise that I’m done scolding now. And by the way, this rant is not just for us 50-somethings. It is for everyone! Especially younger people. You may not like exercise and you do not have to listen to the oldies station (although you may find it quite fun). When we’re young we sometimes think we have years to worry about our health. That’s where we’re wrong. Start as soon as possible!

Ladies, please do it for those you love for they will thank you for being healthier. I am sure they love your company (not to mention how well you take care of them) and want you around for a very long time.

​I love buttoning up loved ones overcoats when the wind is free as it gives me much joy. The difference in the New Year is I will continue to do so but the first coat to be buttoned will be MINE!

​Yay! I have my 2017 theme. I will take good care of myself because I belong to ME!.

​What will your theme be?

​Health, happiness and loving memories to you all as you embark on the journey of taking good care of yourself.

Donna Ryan

Seven years ago I turned 50 and I love every single second day and actually look forward to 60 and however age I am blessed to be here. I am enthusiastic, fun and love sharing all kind of experiences with other like minded women. We chat about optimistic things and of course some sad things too. Life has twists and turns and we have been through just about everything. We are fifty something and I believe these truly are the best days of our lives.

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