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32 Quirky TV Shows on Netflix For Weirdos

Looking for Quirky TV Shows on Netflix?

You’re a maverick, an iconoclast, and yes, a bit of a weirdo. None of those network sitcoms with a dumb dad and a hot mom are for you. You hunger for something different. You want…quirky. We’ve got your weekend binge-watch on Netflix (and beyond) right here with a long list of quirky tv shows on Netflix.

Afterward, check out our list of what to watch if you like Downton Abbey and what to watch if you like The Crown.

32 quirky television shows to bingewatch on Netflix or Hulu.

Best Comedies to Binge Watch on Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet

A Netflix original series, the plot was kept under wraps until it was launched. I won’t spoil the premise for you, but just to say Santa Clarita Diet is a mix of dry humor and grossness. I gagged at least once an episode, and but laughed a lot more.

Drew Barrymore comes off as a Drew Barrymore type, but Timothy Olyphant surprised me with how funny he is. Expect guest stars you recognize, like Nathon Fillion, but don’t expect them to hang around.


Like an English Buffy the Vampire Slayer who fights demons and is also mentally ill. The lead character Amy is fine, but she’s really just the sidekick to Raquel. The young woman who plays Raquel, Susan Wokoma, is one of my favorite new actors.

32 quirky television shows you can stream on netflix

Best Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Who doesn’t want to watch a show set in West Covina, California, about a stalker-ish girlfriend from summer camp with spontaneous musical numbers? It’s the definition of quirky. Seriously, though, this show is delightful.

Rachel Bloom is a star. Enjoy the original songs in every episode.

Netflix has all four seasons of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, 62 episodes total.

Stranger Things

This is for my fellow 80s kids! If you watched ET, read Stephen King, and played with a Rubic’s Cube, you’ll love this homage to 80s sci-fi, adventure movies. The first season of Stranger Things is set in 1983, when I was in middle school, but all the high school characters’ clothes are totally what I wore. And Barb’s glasses. Because I was cool.

Four seasons of Stranger Things are available now on Netflix, with the fifth and final season on the way.

Michael Bolton’s Big Sexy Valentine’s Day Special

So, Santa has a toy glut and needs Michael Bolton to help people get in the mood in time to make babies in time for Christmas. The result is a variety show with an “orgy” of guest stars. It’s ridiculous fun. Just go with me on this one.

The OA

The OA is very polarizing. You will love it or hate it, no in-between. People who love it find it refreshing and imaginative. Others find it weird for the sake of weirdness. Either way, some of the flashback/dream sequences are amazing, and the diverse cast is very talented.

The OA has two Parts of eight episodes each on Netflix.

Master of None

Love this witty Emmy award-winning, Golden Globe-winning sitcom written and starring Aziz Ansari from Parks and Rec. His character is also trying to navigate modern love. My favorite part of this show is Ansari’s real parents playing his show parents. His dad is a doctor who had to take time off from work to film the show.

Master of None has three seasons with 25 episodes total on Netflix.


When this show first came out, it was appointment television for me. The “No Spoilers” skit, the feminist bookstore, and the ethically sourced restaurant bit made me laugh and laugh. I was telling a friend who lives in Portland about it and she says Portland residents didn’t find it funny, just true to life. For me, that’s like Hee Haw being real.

All eight seasons of this anthology comedy from Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen are available on AMC+ for binge-watching.

The IT Crowd

A favorite I watch over and over. A young executive is put in charge of the IT department for a particularly odd corporation. She knows nothing about IT or managing the two basement-dwelling engineers. It’s like The Office meets English, unproblematic Dilbert. If you don’t like Moss, we can’t be friends.

The IT Crown is available to stream with a BritBox subscription.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

If you liked 30 Rock, I think you’ll like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. A young woman, played by TheOffice alumna Ellie Kemper,  is freed from being the prisoner in the bunker of a doomsday fanatic. Kimmy Schmidt went in a girl but came out a young woman free in New York City.

Can she adapt to the big city with the help of her roommate Titus, an old hippie landlady, and 1%-er boss?

Absurd fun with a message about the strength of women. Netflix has three seasons of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Arrested Development

I was late to the party on Arrested Development, but it makes a great binge-watch since there are four seasons to watch. Jason Bateman is the adult child of the Bluth family who has to hold the family together after the patriarch goes to prison. Remember, there’s always money in the banana stand.

While Jason Bateman is the star of Arrested Development, the show has a large supporting cast that shines: Will Arnett, Portia de Rossi, Michael Cera, Alia Shawkat, David Cross, and Jessica Walter.

The Guild

Felicia Day leads a diverse cast of nerd tropes as they struggle with life outside their games. As a person with a gamer or two in my house, it feels pretty realistic. If you have a friend you only know only, or whom you refer to only with a game call sign, this is for you, LordDethBlade88!

Parks and Recreation

Parks And Recreation probably is not new to you if you like this genre, but with seven seasons available on Netflix, why not snuggle in with a season or two?

The talented cast consists of Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, and my favorite Chris–Chris Pratt.

New Girl

New Girl, a sitcom originally broadcast on the Fox network, may be the very definition of quirky tv. Binge seven seasons of Zooey Deschanel’s teacher Jess. When her life falls apart, she moves in with three male friends, and “adorkableness” ensues.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus

The peak of 70s British humor that many an 80s nerd watched on VHS tapes. I re-watched some recently and some of the jokes have aged badly. Still worth seeing as the bellwether for arch, clever English comedy. Netflix has four seasons of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

I Think You Should Leave

Tim Robinson was not a fit for Saturday Night Live, thank goodness. It freed him up to do this unique and odd sketch comedy show with three seasons on Netflix.


If you like Phoebe Waller-Bridge and are sad Fleasbag is not available on Netflix, you make like this English comedy that’s somewhat similar to New Girl, but also not. Crashing IS available on Netflix.

Quirky Shows Not Currently on Netflix and Where to Watch Them

Freaks and Geeks

Still sad this one didn’t run longer. Classic Judd Apatow and a young cast that has almost all gone on to successful careers. Of any show about high school, Freaks and Geeks feels the most real.
It’s not on Netflix, but it is on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Paramount+.

Twin Peaks

After thirty years, I’m not sure if what once made Twin Peaks remarkable holds up. I still think it’s worth watching for nostalgia. Great cast and a real sense of the early 1990s. I think the original 90s series of Twin Peaks really falls apart at the end and gets super weird, but you might like that.

Twin Peaks is streaming on Paramount+.

Legion on FX

Legion also has all three seasons available on Hulu. Visually stunning, watch twice to catch the nuance. A tour de force performance by Aubrey Plaza.

Chewing Gum

Susan Wokoma plays the hyper-religious, bitter sister in Chewing Gum. This series, however, belongs to writer/creator/lead actress Michaela Coel. This series is funny, awkward, and full of sexual confusion and awkwardness.

Garfinkle and Oats

Somewhat similar to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but with a different tone, Garfinkle and Oats follows the ups and downs of two friends played by Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci. They are two Millennials trying to make careers in show business and figure out modern dating.

Garfinkle and Oats is not currently available for streaming anywhere.


This show never got the love it deserved. Sadly, not available to stream currently.

Pushing Daisies

Another show that just didn’t catch on. A pie maker can return the dead to life briefly with just a touch while singing catchy musical numbers. Both seasons of Pushing Daisies are available to stream on Max.
Get a little taste of Cristen Chenoweth singing Birdhouse in Your Soul.

Dead Like Me

Originally on HBO, Dead Like Me is available for streaming via Roku and Amazon Prime Video.

A teenage girl with a bad attitude finds herself dead and recruited to become a reaper. Great performances by Mandy Patinkin and the divine Jasmine Guy.

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Friday 3rd of March 2017

I only heard of like 5 shows on here!!!! The one call "Chewing Gum" seems quirky enough for me to give it a try!

Anne Parris

Sunday 5th of March 2017

I hope you find something you like. Most of the shows, including Chewing Gum, can have mature content.

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