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The Importance Of Decluttering My Closet

The Importance Of Decluttering My ClosetRecently I had a conversation with my sister and we were discussing organizing. More specifically? Decluttering.

I told her that I had just decluttered my closet again. And then I also told her I had a storage bin in my closet ready and waiting for me to put in all the items I was unsure about.

Honestly? I was so tired of seeing the bin that the other day I set the timer for 28 minutes and started to work on my closet. I soon realized I didn’t want to keep all of those things that I was unsure about. Ultimately, I decided to keep what I liked and give away anything that wasn’t feeling up-to-date or the things that I didn’t really want or need.

And shockingly …

It felt great!

Pandora was on and I had some country music playing, and soon the timer went off. I quickly reset it again and kept working. It probably took me an hour and a half, but it was so worth it. I put the summer clothes out of the way and the fall/winter clothes front and center. I even went through all my shoes and boots!

It’s possible that a capsule wardrobe would be terrific to have, but it seems like a lot of work and stress to get there. I also think only owning a few items might be nice. But, here is the deal: I like to keep it simple; and, that’s just what I did. Now I know that when I go into my closet it’s uncluttered, ready for fall, and the only pieces I have in there are the things I really like.


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Tomi Rues

I have been an adjunct faculty member for almost twenty years. I have a masters in Speech Communication. Currently, I blog, write grants, volunteer, and take care of my family. Some things I love: simplifying, organizing, reading, writing, nature, exercise, family, animals, and baking, especially cookies. You can find me at Go check it out!

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