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Hot Coffee on the Boulevard

It’s Friday – time for another edition of Hot Coffee on the Boulevard. Have a great weekend!

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A collection of words of wisdom from women who have passed the big 5-0, this little book would make a nice gift for anyone heading towards a big birthday. Bolder and Wiser by Sarah Dale.

Ever want to take a peek inside the mega-expensive and highly exclusive residences in New York City? Michael Gross has written what looks to be a fascinating book about one of the legendary buildings of the city, Fifteen Central Park West.


Oh Pinterest, how you endlessly entertain and mock us at the same time. The Dose of Reality blog shares some of their worst Pinterest nightmares.

Adventures in 3D printing. Suffice to say most of us don’t need it in our home offices just yet.


Lisa Romeo wrote this post about the death of her father. We dare you not to cry.

Where do you keep your memories? After the Kids Leave on the things they save and where they save them.


Anne Sweeney, co-chairman of ABC/Disney, is stepping down from her position because she’s always wanted to direct. Mmm-hmm.

The story of this transgender couple is captivating, as are the stories of others who have transitioned to the opposite sex.


If you’re looking for something unique to make for St. Patrick’s Day, check out this green velvet cheesecake.

Check out Nancy Fox of Skinny Kitchen and her tuna melt video. We love Nancy!


Style Crone is a woman of a certain age with a unique and creative sense of style. She belongs on the boulevard!

Can we talk VPL (visible panty line)? If you hate it as much as Sharon does, you must try Soma Intimates Vanishing Edge panties. Right now you can get a pair for just $6 with any purchase. Not only do these panties do what they promise (no panty lines!!!), they last forever. Seriously, they are indestructible. Sharon and Anne both are huge fans of Soma products.


Laugh out loud at these old and newer game show bloopers…Paul Lynde, Joan Rivers, and The Newlywed Game where we hear the age old question…”What are bagels?” And did you know Texas is a foreign country? Yessiree.

Sharon Greenthal

Sharon's blog, Empty House Full Mind, focuses on observations of the world from the midlife empty nest. Sharon is the Young Adults Expert on Sharon writes for the Huffington Post and Purple Clover. Sharon is the mother of two grown children - a daughter, 26 and a son, 24. She lives in Long Beach, CA with her husband and their perfect dog, Lambeau. Instagram: sharongreenthal

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Jennifer Wagner

Saturday 15th of March 2014

I love these roundup posts. I am going to have to try the Soma Intimates. Also, I live a few blocks away from 15 Central Park West and whenever I walk past in I walk slowly in hope of seeing someone famous enter or exit, but so far, no luck.

Carol Cassara

Friday 14th of March 2014

Enjoyed every minute of these...even those I'd already seen!

Bohemian Babushka (@BBabushka)

Friday 14th of March 2014

Now there's ANOTHER reason BB looks forward to Fridays! Thanks for this coffee break, there's a little big of everything. How'd y'all know BB loves buffets?? ; ) BB2U

Lisa Romeo

Friday 14th of March 2014

Thank you Sharon, for the kind words and link to "Coffee Regular". I think it's resonating with a lot of people because grief's lingering after-effects often show up in unexpected ways like that.

Cathy Chester, thanks again, as always, for saying such nice things about my writing. It's hard to believe anyone other than my mother still remembers anything I wrote in high school! I'm so pleased that I could play a small role in your making your way to the page, which is clearly where you also belong.

Cathy Chester

Friday 14th of March 2014

Another great roundup, and you know how I love those vintage videos, Sharon. Hysterical!

I just want to say, once again, how much Lisa Romeo's post affected me. I shared, tweeted and commented on it. She is an extraordinary writer, and is the sole reason I decided to get back into the game, which eventually led to blogging. We went to high school together, and she was a great writer then, too. Thank you, Lisa. (I hope she sees this!)

Sharon Greenthal

Friday 14th of March 2014

Lisa is an exceptional writer!

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