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Rooted in My Home

There are a few numbers that have been indelibly burned in memory. My social security number (to the amazement of my daughter) and my childhood telephone number, Woodbine 7-5109. Where I was raised, the phone numbers had the names of trees, shrubs and flowers. Ours was the woodbine, a shrubby vine in the honeysuckle family. Perfect …

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Home is a State of Mind

I said it! Don’t be shocked. It just sort of slipped out. I referred to my son’s residence as his “home”! I probably am the only one that even noticed. I’m not sure why it struck me so. I have ruminated about it for weeks! My son has been renting an apartment with his friend …

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A Midlife Christmas

I love the Christmas Season! It’s the time of year when my home feels the coziest, has the most colorful decorations and smells the yummiest. And I love Christmas music, even if it does start at Thanksgiving or before! I grew up in the snow belt of northern Ohio so most of my early Christmases were …

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Grandma Envy

My diagnosis of breast cancer increased the risk factor for my sister Carla.  Fortunately she’s had no problems.  But now the tables are turned.  Carla  got married and had children way before I did; and she has identical twin granddaughters–which puts me at much higher risk for developing a newly identified medical syndrome called : Grandma …

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