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Yvonne Jasinski

I am a Polish immigrant living in the USA since 1987. I arrived here, with my husband by my side, to build a new life. In Poland, at that time ruled by a communist regime, life was difficult and travel was restricted. In America, it felt like all roads were open and waiting to be discovered. We took full advantage of our newly gained freedom and since then visited hundreds of exciting destinations, mostly in the USA and Canada.

Yvonne Jasinski is a financially savvy globetrotter who uses her credit card points and miles to fuel her travels! Read more from Yvonne on her blog. Many people think that they make the right financial choice by not using credit cards. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Credit cards got their bad reputation because people do not use …

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Yvonne Jasinski visited Washington DC where she fell for the seductive beauty of the blooming cherry blossoms. Read more from Yvonne on her blog.   “The blooming cherry tree is the most ideally, wonderfully beautiful tree that nature has to show, and its short-lived glory makes the enjoyment the keener and more poignant” – Eliza …

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