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Karen Gordon

My novels are about the extraordinary passions in everyday lives. My blog is about my passions: strong women, writing, being an entrepreneur, steamy stories, sexy men, fashion and generally having one hell of a lot of joie in my mid-vivre.

Author Karen Gordon tells the sloppily dressed truth about working from home.  My favorite futurist, Faith Popcorn, predicts that most workers in the future will have multiple income streams. They may contract with one or more companies as well as have one or more home-based businesses. This system not only protects people from losing it …

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I don’t share this info often, but in my other life I am an instructor for a university. It’s been my somewhat-secret, other identity for going on 8 years. I’m only bringing it to light now because I have accumulated a few great pointers for all those who are getting their acceptance letters or sending …

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