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Joan Stommen

I am a teacher, mom and grandmother of five. I retired after 33 years in education to help care for my mother AND my daughter's new twins! I write about families, education, fitness, aging gracefully and the bits and pieces of my life. Becoming a widow has given me another platform on which to share my thoughts and feelings. Over the years I've written for newspapers, taught writing skills to college students, classroom teachers and children of all ages. My blog posts have been featured on More Magazine's online site as well as other blogs. I enjoy Zumba, hiking, scrapbooking, reading, subbing and learning to cook! In addition to drafting my parents' love story and my memoirs, I'm looking for a writing coach position.

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10 Things I Learned When I Became a Widow

Losing my husband unexpectedly last summer was like a merry-go-round that suddenly stops! Our marriage ended when he didn’t wake up from his afternoon nap. I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster; wandering through financial mazes and unknown pathways into this world of widowhood. ‘You cannot start a new chapter unless you stop re-reading the old one’ the saying goes. And yet I cannot put …

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‘Til Death Do Us Part

Forty seven years and six days after we spoke our wedding vows; we were forever parted by death. In the middle of an August afternoon, my husband laid down for a nap and never woke up. He is on the “Blue Side of Heaven” now……as Alan Jackson sings…..telling everyone about me and hugging our loved ones who …

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My Grandbaby Shower

Grandmother showers are a relatively new phenomenon – and a lovely one! Joan Stommen truly enjoyed the shower for her granddaughter. Read more from Joan on her blog, Gramcracker Crumbs. Marching into spring means lots of new beginnings, and one thing we can count on to bud, blossom and bloom are new babies!  I have …

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On the Road to Old Friends

My Mom always said old friends were the best.   Those we’ve known practically since our beginnings!   Beginning school, being the new kid on the block, starting college or career, newly married, having kids. All those fresh starts we have in life where we gravitate to folks like us….eventually  bonding and sharing and growing along …

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