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Jackie Suis

Jackie Suis makes her home in Greenville, SC and has a blog called Hope Boulevard. It is a collection of stories and views from being a single woman and dating in Mid-Life! In addition to her blog, Jackie also holds down a full time job and has two grown daughters and one grandson. Her life is rich and full!

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Jackie Suis blogs at Hope Boulevard. There she shares personal stories and offers up perspective as a single woman dating in midlife. Keep reading to see how she compares our human relationships with those of the canine variety. Let me start by admitting that I am not a big dog person. I’m not a cat person, either, for that matter. Now, …

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Jackie Suis blogs at Hope Boulevard. She is a writer who shares her stories and offers up perspective as a single woman while dating in midlife. We hope you’ll enjoy this piece on finding your own way. I love the following quote. It inspires me because it speaks of bravery, adventure and even my favorite… hope! If the highest aim …

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