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Memories of My Alaskan Cruise Adventure

We had an incredible experience on one of the most highly recommended and eagerly anticipated shore excursions on our Alaskan cruise. That excursion was the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway Tour. Beginning in Skagway, there are several different types of tours that you can take along this scenic line that was built in 1898 as transportation for tens of thousands of men and women on the hunt for gold in the Canadian Klondike.

Join Me On The Tour

The tour begins with a train ride in old-fashioned parlor cars that take you up 3,000 feet to the summit of White Pass. At Fraser, BC, you transfer into a deluxe motor coach and travel along the historic trail of ’98 to the White Pass summit and into the Yukon.

Alaskan Tour Memories

The Yukon Suspension Bridge

Alaskan Tour: Yukon Suspension bridge

One of the highlights of the tour is a stop at the Yukon Suspension Bridge that rises 57 feet above the Tutshi River Canyon and is 200 feet across. I was only expecting a quick stop and walk across the bridge, but there is so much more at the bridge to see.

There is a restaurant where we were treated to a bowl of bison chili as part of our tour (nothing to write home about). If you don’t like the chili, there are hamburgers and sandwiches you can order, but it is very expensive. I recommend packing a snack.

The Tutshi River

The walk across the bridge was fun and the views of the Tutshi River and mountains were breathtaking. I am usually afraid of heights, but the walk across this bridge was exhilarating and breathtaking. It was totally secure and fenced in – nothing to be afraid of. I loved looking down at the rapids of the river and the scenic mountains in the distance.

Alaskan Tour: Tutshi River

This attraction also includes large, detailed, 3-D exhibits with information on:

  • The trails, geology, glaciers and traditional life of the area from Skagway to Whitehorse.
  • Human History including First Nations and stories of the gold rush.
  • The natural history of the area and how High Country nature at 3,000 feet above sea level varies from the coastal environment at Skagway.
  • A walking trail that leads to an authentic trapper’s cabin.

Nature’s Beauty

There are beautiful flowers throughout the area, most of which is wheelchair accessible. There ARE parts that ARE NOT wheelchair accessible, but beautiful views can be enjoyed at every part of this great attraction.

Alaskan Tour Flowers

After our time at the Yukon Suspension Bridge, we took our deluxe motor coach back down the highway to Skagway. We had a wonderful tour guide, many scenic views and time to stop for more photos.

This tour was one of the highlights of our trip! I  highly recommend it.

Cathy Lawdanski can be found over at My Side of 50. In this piece she has shared some memories of her Alaskan excursion – proving that “this side of 50” can be full of adventure.

Cathy Lawdanski

Cathy is a 50-something wife, mother and grandmother who is embracing new challenges and adventures at Her motto is “BE BRAVE”. And that means putting herself out there, trying things that are fun, challenging and that may terrify her! She writes about new adventures and challenges on this side of 50. Things like caring for aging parents, relationships with adult children, health issues and retirement. Cathy also writes about new adventures – like traveling, learning to do new things, and whatever else life throws her way.

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