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6 Inspiring and Motivational Podcasts

inspirational motivational podcasts for midlife womenCathy Lawdanski can be found over at My Side of 50. In this piece she shares six of her favorite podcasts that move and inspire her to be more, do more and live more – proving that “this side of 50” can be exciting!

I love PODCASTS! I listen to them all the time. When I am getting ready in the morning. When I am doing chores. When I am driving. They stimulate me with their ideas and inspire me to be all God created me to be. They challenge me to think in new ways. They entertain me and sometimes give me a chuckle or two.

These days, I mostly listen to podcasts that feed me spiritually, inspire me as a midlife woman or teach me something about my passion – blogging! And recently I was interviewed for my favorite podcast for midlife women – Midlife Schmidlife with host, Liz Applegate. In this episode, I talk about the loss of my parents last year, the start of this blog and the fun and adventure of trying new things when you are 50+. What an exciting time of life this is!

6 Podcasts To Listen To for Inspiration and Motivation

Midlife Schmidlife

On Midlife Schmidlife, Liz talks to women about the midlife transition and reinvention many go through at this time in their lives. It runs the gamut – exploring passions and pursuing a new career, telling yourself the truth and not being afraid are common themes. The women interviewed are real-life women like you and me and their stories are inspirational and hopeful.

One Verse Devotional

These 5-minute devotionals by Matt McCarrick focus on one Bible verse a day. There is always some great nugget to chew on and apply. Matt presents in a conversational way. I don’t feel like he is talking “to” me. Rather I feel like I’m in the middle of a conversation with someone who is presenting his understanding of the Bible in a way that is humble and engaging. Most of the time I find myself listening to this one while I brush my teeth!

Daily Radio Program with Charles Stanley

Dr. Charles Stanley has a warm and engaging way of teaching the Bible. He doesn’t always tell you what your want to hear, but he tells you the truth – just like your father might. In fact, when he wants to make a point, he often says “Now listen to me,” which is what my own dad used to say. It’s possible that’s why I like him so much.

Daily Hope with Rick Warren

Rick Warren is the author of the bestseller, The Purpose Driven Life. These excerpts from his sermons at Saddleback Church in California feature Rick breaking down Biblical truths in a way that is easy to understand. Rick always offers a practical way to implement these truths, which I appreciate.

I Teach Blogging

Renee Groskreutz is a WordPress and Blogging Guru. I have learned about all aspects of blogging from her – the technical side, about WordPress, SEO, content, social media – literally everything. I listened to her podcast even before I started my blog. She teaches in a way that is easy to understand for the beginner. Yet a blogger with any amount of experience can learn much.

Create If Writing

Writer and Blogger, Kirsten Oliphint teaches from her many years of experience as first a writer and then a blogger. She covers topics like building your mailing list, finding your audience, and the creative process of writing. Kirsten shares the mistakes she has made on her blogging journey. One of my favorite episodes is the one where she shares $1300 worth of mistakes she made in 2015! She communicates with humor and honesty.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites? Tell me in the comments. I’m always looking for new ones.

Cathy Lawdanski

Cathy is a 50-something wife, mother and grandmother who is embracing new challenges and adventures at Her motto is “BE BRAVE”. And that means putting herself out there, trying things that are fun, challenging and that may terrify her! She writes about new adventures and challenges on this side of 50. Things like caring for aging parents, relationships with adult children, health issues and retirement. Cathy also writes about new adventures – like traveling, learning to do new things, and whatever else life throws her way.

Beth Hughes

Monday 20th of February 2017

I've learned so much from Renee Groskreutz. She is indeed a WP & SEO guru. Thanks to her my websites now rank much higher that before.

Carol Graham

Friday 17th of February 2017

I love podcasts as well and if you are looking for new ones I must share Never Ever Give up Hope with you. I interview people with remarkable and heart-warming stories of how they overcame overwhelming obstacles and achieved success. Would love to have you drop by. I will check each one listed here - thank you so much for sharing.


Thursday 16th of February 2017

Thanks so much for the shoutout! I'm so glad you're listening and that I've gotten to know you this year!

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