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Skinny and Delicious Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Heat up the crock pot for this fabulous recipe for pulled pork sandwiches. It’s such an easy recipe to make and perfect for  entertaining. I’m starting with tender shredded lean pork that’s been slow-cooked for hours in a sweet and tangy sauce.  The secret is using a great tasting barbecue sauce such as my favorite,… [read more]


The Secret to Engagement on Social Media

I don’t profess to be an expert, guru, thought leader, innovator, influencer or any other kind of social media fill-in-the-blank (In fact, those designations should never be self-described - people who call themselves these things are missing the point). I do spend a lot of time on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter (because that’s where my… [read more]

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6 Ways to Look French Fantastic Right Now!

The choice of fashion type is very deliberate (for the French woman). Frenchwomen do not allow themselves simply to fall into fashion.  They select the image they want to project and dress for it.  And they tend to basically remain true to it for all occasions, for all time.   –Susan Sommers The fabulous Frenchwomen continue… [read more]


This Is Sex at Sixty

This Is Sex at Sixty was originally titled Sex At 60, A Personal Reflection and appeared on As 60 approaches I look in the mirror and I see a head of long, graying hair and a body delicately scarred by life. The boobs are no longer perky and I bear the stretch marks of two pregnancies.… [read more]


Family Vacations – a Time to Connect

Lisa writes: With summer moving swiftly, and our past family vacation just a file of photos in my camera, I realize that my reason for traveling with my kids has changed. When they were little I wanted to get them out of the house. With three small boys, a cramped space and a cold climate,… [read more]


7 Things I’m Too Old For at Midlife

When I was a kid, maybe a teenager, I remember hearing my mother say she was too old for a certain type of clothing.  If my memory serves correctly it was a sleeveless top I suggested that she wear in the heat of the summer and she said she was too old for sleeveless tops.… [read more]