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Avoid Overindulging On Thanksgiving – 7 Tips to Keep You in Control

Kymberly Williams and Alexandra Williams of have great suggestions for keeping your eating under control during the holidays – something everyone can use! ‘Tis the season for Thanksgiving, not Thanks-gorging.  Enact Our 7 healthful tips to avoid the holiday feast trap. Perhaps you’ve spent months being diligent about exercising and eating healthfully. And now the… [read more]


6 Ways You Can Set Your Intentions Daily

It’s been proven that multi-tasking will not make you more productive. Your brain turns into a sieve and you’ll actually accomplish less and not do anything well. But how do I get everything done? I have so many thoughts in my head and things going on in my life that I’m finding I just can’t operate… [read more]


7 Reasons I Don’t Want to Be a Teenager. Ever Again.

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei’s personal blog, Two things happened recently that made me question my near-frequent outbursts of nostalgic longing for my youth: I accidentally caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. (Which made me cringe.) I was given attitude by a pimply-faced “young adult” who’s more than half my… [read more]


Holiday Spirit and Random Acts of Kindness

During the holidays it’s always nice to do for others. Random acts of kindness are a special way of giving back to your community, as Lisha Perry Fink knows. Read more from Lisha Perry Fink on her blog, The Lucky Mom.   I remember the first time I saw the slogan.  I was living in Texas at… [read more]


Oh My Gosh! I Forgot To Have A Baby!

Treva Brandon, a first time bride at 50, on not having children and why she’s relieved to be past the choice. Oh My Gosh! I Forgot To Have A Baby! I didn’t exactly forget, I just lost track of time. My mind was on other things: like figuring out my career path and deciding what… [read more]