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4 Ways to Stay Stylish While Holiday Shopping

This post is for those of you who love the challenge, the frenzy, and the savings of Black Friday and other holiday shopping.  When my children lived at home, I welcomed the challenge. For me Black Friday shopping was going to war on behalf of my budget.  I would select the battle play: lay out a… [read more]

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Performance Anxiety on Thanksgiving

No matter how many times she’s cooked a turkey, Suzanne Fluhr still can’t seem to shake those Thanksgiving jitters. Read more from Suzanne on her blog, Boomeresque.   When I was a child, we would pile into the family Chevy on Thanksgiving Day for the drive from our house in Philadelphia to my grandparents’ one-bedroom… [read more]


Why I’m Thankful for Much More Than Turkey

When her life turned upside down in an instant, Laurie WJN had to find the strength to keep going – and now is so thankful that she did. Read more from Laurie on her blog, Looking on the Sunnyside.   In order to embrace the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday I decided to focus on the things I… [read more]


Two is OK for Thanksgiving

The holidays can often be challenging for blended families and families with married children, as people try to spend time with as many branches of the family tree as possible, often satisfying no one. Camille DeFer Thompson has the best attitude about her family’s Thanksgiving plans, and how she and her husband fit in to them.… [read more]


Happy Thanksgiving to Our Menopausal Friends

The holidays are upon us. The grocery stores are buzzing with turkey orders, neighborhood pumpkin patches are being converted over to Christmas tree lots (I prefer the evergreen smell over the hay), everyone is talking about where they’re celebrating and who they are going to be with for Thanksgiving this year. It’s not enough to… [read more]


November Is National Family Caregivers Month

Did you know November is National Family Caregivers Month? It’s a great time to celebrate the more than 42 million people in the U.S. that are caring for an older relative or friend. If you are a caregiver yourself or if you know one, you know that sometimes this means you need extra support. Midlife… [read more]


Life Begins At 50

Lori Osterberg is coming up on a big birthday and she has a few thoughts about it. Read more from Lori on her blog, Vision of Success.   Just a few more months and I’ll hit the big 5-0. And I haven’t quite decided how I feel about that. 20 was welcoming. I was finally… [read more]


Crock Pot Meat Sauce – Easy and Skinny

This homemade italian sauce is fantastic…I know you’re going to LOVE it!!! The sauce is slow simmered to create a luxuriously rich flavor. It makes 8 servings and freezes great. I like this sauce over zucchini noodles, as shown in the photo. It’s so versatile, you can serve it over gluten free noodles, steamed spaghetti… [read more]