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Easy and Skinny Crunchy Cole Slaw

There are probably as many ways to make coleslaw as there are cooks. In San Luis Obispo, I discovered the most delicious coleslaw at a barbecue joint called Mo’s.  Not only do they have the best ribs ever (definitely not skinny), they make a fantastic, crunchy slaw.  It’s not at all soggy like the typical… [read more]


Confession of a Summer Camp Dropout

I just finished another one of those books about a group of teens who meet at sleep away camp, share their innermost secrets and form lifelong bonds that can only be shared by friends who’ve lived with each other 24/7 during that coming-of-age time in their lives. And I’m envious. Even at 50 (okay, 51),… [read more]


Men and Depression – a Hidden Illness

Definition: Depression is a medical illness that makes you feel sad and causes you to lose interest in life.  Physical symptoms include: low libido and interest in sex, loss of appetite, insomnia and slowed mental processing and body movements.  Depression can also mean frequent crying spells, unexplained body aches and pains as well as suicidal thoughts. … [read more]


10 Midlife Birthday Gifts I’d Like to Return

 I recently celebrated (or mourned, depending on how you look at it) turning another year older. For me, birthdays represent the milestones that measure how far I’ve come in life. It’s a time to reflect on my past and to look forward to my future. Birthdays are also a slap-in-the-face reality check that I’m one… [read more]

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6 Fashion Mistakes Parisian Women Avoid

Everyone makes fashion mistakes when they are out shopping.  Take it as an (encouraging) sign that you still dream of reinventing yourself.  For me a loss of interest in dressing well and using make-up is a form of depression.  Far from making radical changes, the Parisian knows how to evolve her style as she gets… [read more]