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Skinny Vietnamese Chicken Salad

I know you’re going to LOVE this NEW main course salad. It’s a Vietnamese-inspired take on chicken salad with bold flavors and great crunch from the shredded cabbage, carrots, chopped cucumber and red bell peppers. The dressing is delicious and semi-homemade. The base is a store bought light vinaigrette doctored up with peanut butter, lime juice and… [read more]


10 Films Not to Miss – Fall 2014

The Oscar race is on for 2014 as studios release their biggest and most ambitious films of the year. With so many to choose from, where do you start? Here are 10 films that we think will capture your attention, your hearts, and your minds. (Please note that some links may be affiliate links.) The… [read more]

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8 Steps to Great Fitting Clothes

In this column, we discuss ideas. Hopefully, they are ideas which can lead to more confidence and strength for the women who read them.  Even I can admit, at times, the world of fashion and beauty can be overwhelming.  So many products and reinventions and trends and new collections and on and on. Fashion basics:… [read more]

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Fall 2014 Hairstyles

I’m addicted to professional blowouts. Whenever I travel for business, I like to start out the trip with a visit to the nearest salon that only does what my grandmother would have called a “shampoo and set.” It what women used to get done during a weekly salon visit until the simple, natural styles of… [read more]


What’s a Fat Lady To Do?

What do you say when you are with a group of people and someone who is obviously much thinner than you are begins to complain about gaining a few pounds or talks about her latest diet? I don’t know how to respond, or if I even should, because I am fat. Yes, I said it… [read more]


Mommyhood? I’m DONE.

Writer Chris Dean had her babies young, so by the time she was in her forties, the kids were all grown up. What happens when they still want you to solve their problems, but you are done with parenting them? Read more from Chris on her blog, Pixie C.D. When my first baby was born, I… [read more]

Microsoft Surface pro 3 tablet

5 Reasons Tablets Are Our Future Technology

Most of you probably own and use a laptop or desktop computer and a smartphone. Many of you have a tablet. As we age, the tablet will become more and more important, and eventually the tech device we use most. There are many reasons that the tablet will become our primary computing device: 1. For… [read more]