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Why Someday Should Be Removed From Your Vocabulary

reach for your dreams today, NOT somedayKathy Brunner is a career designer, an author, a speaker and a coach. You can find her at, where this post was originally featured. 

When you think of dangerous words the first words that come to mind might be words like love, hate, betrayal. But I have seen firsthand how the word someday can truly the be one of the most dangerous words in the world.

Many of us have heard the saying, “Someday is not a day of the week!” And, more importantly, we’ve recognized that the word someday connotes that there is a wish, a dream, a desire, waiting like an invitation you can’t open.

Someday has no beginning. It just hangs out there like an unreachable opportunity, waiting and waiting but not really getting you anywhere closer to your goal. Someday is the thief of dreams and the robber of potential. I talk to people all the time who tell me they always wanted to … fill in the blank. So many people have shared with me that they’ve wanted to write a book, start a business, find a way to create a second income, but many also share the disappointment in having “wasted so much time” waiting for their someday.

The word someday is dangerous because we don’t have forever and so often we wait for that someday when we think the stars will align. And we wait and wait. And wait some more.

Maybe we wait with hopes that we’ll move forward when we finish our degree. Or until the kids get older. Sometimes we wait until we finally settle down, or until we move into our own place. Maybe you are waiting until you feel you have more money, more time, more resources, or simply until you know that it is the right time.

The problem is that someday is too indefinite to be the right time, too ambiguous to be the right place and too impractical to be the right opportunity. Someday is just a word. A word that once said creates a void that we often look for circumstances to close but may discover just the opposite often happens.

Someday is the most dangerous word, because it never gets here until it becomes NOW.

Even if you start with a small step today you are closer to the someday you’ve been waiting for.

What have you been promising yourself you will do, see, start, say, create, finish … someday?

If you’re ready to start that business, create that second income stream, get your someday off the ground? Schedule a free consult call and see how you can get there faster and with more success. Stop waiting for SOMEDAY!

Kathy Brunner

I am an author, speaker, and encorepreneur coach. I help people go from burned out to fired up by finding their passion and creating a viable business around it. I like to empower women to realize the best of their life is the rest of their life and to live intentional and embracing their best self. My website is Kathy Brunner. I also am part of the creative team at Called Woman .

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