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I Won on Wheel of Fortune and Changed My Life

A little over a year ago I received a phone call from a man telling me I had won $50,000 in a sweepstakes I had entered that was sponsored by Wheel of Fortune.  I remember saying WHAT!! over and over.  I was told 20 of us had won and that we would all go to Las Vegas where one person would win an additional $1 million.  I assured my boss that even if I won the $1 million, I wouldn’t quit my job.  I had just been promoted to Accounting Manager at the medical association I worked at.

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The event was fun, but I didn’t win the million.  I used the after tax money from the winnings to fix up my house and sold it.  Then I decided to go for my longtime dream of working full time as a cartoon gag writer.  I’ve written thousands of cartoon ideas and captions for many cartoonists on the side for 25 years.  It wasn’t like I woke up one morning after the event and thought gosh, I’m clever.  I should be in the funny papers!   Some of the major publications I’ve been published in are Harvard Business Review, Wall St. Journal, Woman’s World, First for Women, Reader’s Digest, Saturday Evening Post, and others.

I write both funny cartoons and unfunny cartoons.  The unfunny cartoons are my brand, Compassionate Cartoons, with cartoonist, Stephanie Piro.  They illustrate the realities of topics such as divorce, grief, bullying, cancer, domestic violence, and hunger.  Those are the most fulfilling to write for me, because I see them as being for the Greater Good.  I also write customized cartoons about any topic. People and organizations post them on their websites and social media and use them in presentations.

This summer I sent a letter to the producer of the Wheel of Fortune who ran the event in Las Vegas and told her that I was now a full-time cartoon gag writer thanks to the Wheel of Fortune.  She contacted me and said they wanted to produce a Changing Lives segment about me which they do from time to time when they hear from winners from their game show.  A short piece will air on October 20 during the regular show and a link to it will be on after it airs.  Can’t wait to see it!

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Kelly Kamowski

I have been writing cartoon ideas and captions for many freelance and syndicated cartoonists for over 25 years. I have been published in both major and minor publications listed on my website along with some of my cartoons. I write both funny and unfunny cartoons (Compassionate Cartoons brand). Instagram: compassionatecartoons

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