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What’s In Your Planner?

A nice blend of old and new…that’s me.  While obviously, I have learned to live with technology, I am still very much old school.  I will always fight for my daily newspaper to be on the driveway…my local bookstore to serve coffee and good reads…and for beautiful magazines to arrive in the mailbox.

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Also, I still carry a planner in my purse.  Now, I know my phone and iPad do the same things.  But there is just something about holding the book in my hand….logging in my appointments…and every now and then noting inspiration from others.

In 2013, my planner was full of inspirational writing by women who have helped me through the maze of fashion and beauty.   Here are a few of the quotes, I jotted down throughout the book:

Focusing on age is boring.  It’s much more interesting to think about style.  -Vanessa Bruno, Parisian Designer

The most courageous act is still the think for yourself. Aloud.  –Coco Chanel

I wish you broken rear view mirrors.  If your rear view mirror is broken then you can’t see what is behind you – only what is ahead. (Author unknown)

You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40, irresistible for the rest of your life.  – Coco Chanel

When we allow others to control how we feel about ourselves, we give up an essential sense of power.  – Stacy London

Style doesn’t start with your body, it starts with your brain.  -Stacy London

Celebrate every day the person you are and garner the level of respect you deserve. – Stacy London

My planner of choice last year and for 2014 is prepared by Ines De La Fressange and Sophie Gachet,  as a supplement to their book, Parisian Chic. I recommend the planner and the book.  Find them here on Amazon.   Some of my favorite style guidelines from Ines and Sophie, written into the planner were:

Wear diamonds, or rhinestones with a thick wool sweater, for example. 

Never, ever, look overdone. Instead try something quirky, leave your hair tousled or untuck a corner of your shirt from your waistband.

 Never be afraid to break rules.  From navy blue with black, daytime sequins, or flats with a long dress, the more rules you break, the more stylish you are.

Finally, my favorite quote of the year came through a note on my desk from one of my students.  I have already transferred it to the front of the new planner…

Don’t let anyone dim your sparkle…Eva

Thank you for stopping by the Joy Boutique on this busy Christmas Eve…relish each moment.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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