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5 Things in Your Purse that Will Ruin a Perfect Date

The best way into a midlife woman’s personal life is through her personal belongings. Unfortunately, men don’t have the privilege of seeing a women’s personal belongings, home, or lifestyle until it gets serious. For that reason, a woman’s purse takes center stage on a date.

What’s in My Bag?

All lights shine bright on her purse because men know that her purse can reveal cues about the type of person she is. Is it organized? Is it kept well? What’s inside? Women in midlife need to recognize the importance of what goes in your purse, and things never to carry in your purse; to a man the slightest glimpse inside, can and does reveal so much about you.


Granted, men personally may not pay attention to details when getting dressed, but don’t let their lack of attentiveness to attire, underestimate their lack of observance. Men are curious creatures, and naturally observe what women wear, act and say. For this reason, be careful because a small glimpse inside your purse can open up a world of possible reservations to a man. One look can make or break your potential future together.

Basically, what hides in your purse, is the closest men will get to your personal side, without turning a knob, or unlocking a door.  It’s the one thing men may have the opportunity to see. Men are very observant and one slip into your purse for your lipstick, or a ticket can answer a lot of questions they may have about your personality, or just leave them questioning it.

Being that men are curious creatures, we went ahead and asked single men over 50 what items they’ve seen in a women’s purse that ended the potential relationship, or left them more bewildered. We also asked single men over 50, what they would not want to see in a single women’s purse and why, and compiled a list of the top 5 answers for things never to carry in your purse:

  1. A condom. A woman with a condom in her purse shows promiscuity. Women may think it’s better to be safe than sorry when the time comes, but what impression does it give off to a man if he sees it in your bag? “It’s one thing for a man to have one, but when a woman carries a condom, it makes it look like she gets around, A LOT”, says Jeffrey 49, NY.


  1. Drugs. This is something a man would never want to see in a woman’s purse. Will 50, says that he took a woman out, and couldn’t believe what he saw. He states, “when she was taking out her keys illegal substances fell out; We didn’t go out again.” Will downplayed the drug incident, to make it seem like he didn’t notice, but he did. The fact that she did drugs, and was carrying them around made her seem irresponsible and left a negative impression. This is why he didn’t want to go on another date with her.


  1. A Ring. This happens more often than we think. Women that are bored in their marriage date men, and fail to let them know they are married. However, what happens when the ring accidentally slips out? George retells this story, “It was the end of the date, and I was holding her bag to help her up the stairs, she was holding my arm, the bag opened, things fell out, and then I just heard the sound of titanium hit the concrete. It rolled right out. It was embarrassing to say the least.” Women out there, if you’re married, or engaged don’t date until it’s completely ended. It’s not fair to the men out there.


  1. Pregnancy Test. This came out of the clear blue, but if you are expecting or think you are pregnant, don’t put that in your purse. Not only will it be embarrassing, you can say goodbye to another date. Samuel recounts that a women had asked that she excuse herself from the table, and she did. She came back minutes later, her bag was wrinkled, and peeking out from the corner looked like a thermometer, then upon closer inspection, I noted it was in fact a pregnancy test. He never went out with her again.


  1. Bra pads. Yes, this was shocking, but some women do need these, and when a man sees one, in your bag he’s not only disappointed, he is really turned off. My tip: keep both bra pads (used for visual enhancement of your breast) inside your bra, or don’t use them at all. Otherwise, the man only knows half of what he is getting into.

There you have it women, the five items men never ever want to see in your bag. This list is pretty accurate, and next time you walk out the door be sure to avoid carrying any of these items in your purse. In sum, men notice everything, from lack of organization, to the odd random things that can accidentally slip out of your bag. So unless you want a man running, avoid the 5 things never to carry in your purse, otherwise he’ll be sure to be running the other way.

Hannah Kay

Hannah Kay has a degree in psychology, and is the co-founder of SitAlong - companionship site for single men and women over 50.

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Anne Parris

Thursday 21st of August 2014

The pregnancy test made me laugh. If you've got one of those in your handbag on a first date, maybe you should just stay home.

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