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Do You Call Yourself An Expert?

Do you call yourself an expert in certain things?Everyone is good at something. My dad was a minister and he officiated at one man’s funeral who was the ‘worst’ guy in town. No one had anything good to say about him. At his funeral, my dad shared what a good whistler he was and it made people realize that each of us can be an expert at something.

What is your expertise?

Have you noticed how many people toot their horns on social media? On any given day, you can find dozens of experts on any subject; social marketing; media strategies, blah, blah, blah. Often that makes it difficult to know whose advice you should take.

I thought about it and realized that I, too, am an expert and I bet if you think about it, you will realize how many things you are over-the-top awesome at doing.

I’m an expert in putting my foot into my mouth. I have done it for so long and so well I could write a book on it.

I am quick-witted! Though sometimes dim-witted, and can turn almost any negative comment into something funny, catching people off guard.

I’m an expert on saying what I think, which goes along with being an expert at putting my foot in mouth. But… I am usually quick enough to rectify it if I realize I have offended someone. I’ll tell you the truth, it’s an ART, this skill of mine.

I’m an expert in trying to solve everyone’s problems – even people I don’t know. Tell me about any situation, no matter how difficult, and I will work, research, and stay up nights, whatever it takes to help you solve it.

I’m an expert in staying in contact even when people don’t answer back. This is a tough one because sometimes people want to cut off a relationship with you and they just stop. They don’t return your calls or answer their emails. You have to determine if they are avoiding you or if they are hurting so deeply they want to be left alone. Or maybe they just don’t like you anymore – if that is even possible!

I am truly an expert in understanding most experiences that can make you want to roll over and quit. In my memoir, Battered Hope, I tell of the many diverse traumatic experiences that I have had which have made me empathetic and able to offer an understanding ear.

I have become an expert in patience. As a Type A personality, I must have it done NOW. I need a decision NOW. I want that fixed NOW. I want an answer NOW. I will work until it is finished, no matter how long it takes or what time it is — it must be done right and done now.

When my husband was in a near-fatal car accident that left him with brain damage, my world stopped. My life was put on hold. I was responsible for everyone and everything. I was forced to spoon-feed and nurse him for six years. Nothing was happening quickly.When I spoke, I had to wait what seemed indefinitely for an answer. It was brutal. I learned patience.

I am still a Type A personality but I will bite my tongue, I will wait, I will be patient. It’s not easy but it brings peace and harmony to most situations. Patience is kindness.

I am an expert, (well, not really an expert but I certainly can tell you a lot!) on rescuing dogs. We have rescued over 30 and some cats as well. When they are rescued, not only do they receive love like they have never known, but they are put on a totally raw food diet and makes them healthy and happy. QUICKLY.

I am an expert at TACO PIZZA. I have been making taco pizza since the late 1970’s and I still make the best — there is no competition. Bring it on if you think you can do better!

What are your areas of expertise?  I would love to hear about them.

Carol Graham

Carol Graham is the author of a fast-paced award-winning memoir, Battered Hope, the blog Never Ever Give Up Hope, and a regular contributor to numerous blog sites. She has a monthly column in Book Fun Magazine and has been published in several anthologies including a best-seller. In 2015, Carol received the Woman of Impact Award from Focus on Women Magazine and Author of the Year for her memoir, Battered Hope. Carol hosts a bi-weekly talk show Never Ever Give Up Hope in which she interviews people with remarkable stories of how they conquered overwhelming obstacles and achieved success. Never Ever Give Up Hope has an international audience in over 70 countries. In addition to motivational speaking, hosting a talk show and writing, Carol is a business owner, a wife, mother, grandmother and together with her husband have rescued over 30 dogs.

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Carol Graham

Monday 25th of July 2016

Thank you for sharing this post, Midlife Boulevard. I hope it brings some smiles

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