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Hot Coffee on the Boulevard: Our Weekly Roundup

 It’s Friday – time for our weekly roundup of the best of the web–Hot Coffee on the Boulevard.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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New York Magazine has this list of summer books for some great reading.

A lot of badass women contribute to Midlife Boulevard. Here are fourteen badass women writers from history.


If you want to love your life, do what these people do.

And if you want to be really, really happy, move to Paraguay.

And if you find yourself feeling happy about the misfortune of others, your experiencing schadenfreude. The question is: Why?

This article about the 9/11 Memorial and gift shop by the brother of a woman who died in the attack is almost too much to bear.


Pretty soon you’ll be able to update your Facebook status about what music you’re listening to with this crazy app.

Next time you see something in a film and think “I’ve got to have that,” you can find out where to get it here.

Boomers are looking for a personal connection in a digital world.


This is one of Sharon’s daughter’s favorite things ever. It makes a perfect graduation gift.


He-vage should be outlawed. For realz.

Anne is checking out The Green PolkaDot Box. They offer quality organic, non-GMO food, household products, and personal care items by mail and at a discount.

Beauty fad alert: Revlon makes scented nail polish! With 24 shades/fragrances like wintermint, china flower, and sunlit grass, it makes me think of Demeter fragrances and those scented markers we used to sniff as kids.


If you hate on Springsteen be prepared for an uproar.

We grew up with amazing variety shows on television. Can Maya Rudolph bring the genre back?

Two great commencement speakers for you. First, “The life you plan is not the life you lead.” Rene Syler of gives a stirring commencement speech at LSU.

If you’re heading for a graduation this year, you’d be extremely fortunate to see a commencement speaker as entertaining as Stephen Colbert.

“Paperback Writer” by the Beatles came out on May 23, 1966.

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Saturday 24th of May 2014

Oh, man! When I think of my commencement speaker . . . Sigh. Or maybe I should say *Snore*


Friday 23rd of May 2014

I love Maya Rudolph. And the Beatles.

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