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10 Weeks to Spring Break – Tone-up Time!

Right now the actual temperature is 12 degrees below zero, and it’s 37 degrees below zero with wind chill.  All schools in Des Moines, and in much of Iowa, cancelled classes because of the temperature, not snow.  My puppy, Kooper, who loves the cold and snow, even knew something was different today, and I had to push him out into the yard to go potty.

Please don't make me go outside again.

Please don’t make me go outside again.

I am even tempted to take a snow day from exercise today so I don’t have to get out but I won’t.  I won’t because today is the kick-off to getting stronger and firmer.  Spring break and sunshine is only 10 weeks away so my short-term goal is to get more toned for the beach. My long-term goal is to get stronger and build more muscle for a strong, healthy body.

Whether you have a vacation destination or not, winter is a great time to build more muscle. My upper body isn’t strong so it’s hard for me to do strength training but I will because if I don’t, my muscles will deteriorate.  My plan is to run less, lift more and do more yoga classes and strengthening exercises.

I’m not concerned with how much weight I lift or how many reps I can do but I do want it to become easier for me, and I hope it will become something I want to do and maybe even like to do.  I’m not taking any measurements or any swimsuit photos but hope to look more toned than this at the end of 10 weeks:

Time to firm up these arms!

Time to firm up these arms especially the left one!

This is a challenging week for an exercise plan because of the weather, a post-Christmas party, and we’re moving my son into an apartment. But that’s life.  I may not be able to do it all this week but below are the basics of my 10-Week Tone-Up plan:

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Kathi Prien

Kathi Prien grew up in rural Iowa and now lives near Des Moines with her husband, Kevin. She is mom to sons, Konner and Keller. Kathi worked in the magazine consumer marketing department of Meredith Corporation for over 20 years. Kathi enjoys running, reading, traveling, good friends, and good wine. She will become an empty nester in 2015. She launched her web site, Breaking50t in February, 2013 to celebrate the freedom and wisdom of post-50 life.

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Anne Parris

Saturday 11th of January 2014

Looks pretty good to me, Kathi!

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