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I Found My Ideal Gym Experience

ideal gym and humor at midlifeMeryl can be found writing about whatever she wants, from travel to fitness, from family to food, over at Six Decades and Counting. This post was originally featured there. 

Now that I am retired I have no excuse for not exercising, so, often reluctantly, I head for the gym. I don’t expect miracles. My goal is to put off the inevitable as long as possible.

My gym experiences, until recently, have not been very successful. My first fitness club was populated by young women in cute, fashionable, tight-fitting garb. They hung around socializing with each other and spending a lot of time watching and flirting with the guys. Meanwhile, the guys eyed the girls, flaunted monster muscles and occasionally sweated, grunted and groaned their way to even bigger muscles. Then there was me, older by decades, glowing in a pair of cheap baggy sweatpants and an oldie-but-goodie T-shirt.

I soon moved on to a small women-only workout center. I felt comfortable, but the routine got boring.

A friend told me about a women-only workout studio opening near my home. I signed up, liked the new equipment and spacious facilities and used their facility for several months. Unfortunately, the studio did not attract enough clients and closed down due to financial problems.

My next stop on the road to fitness was a low-priced gym that lured me in with the opportunity to work out to my heart’s content for $10 a month. No classes, but you can’t have everything. The large warehouse, now converted gym, offered lots of equipment. I was happy for several months.

Then the gym initiated an advertising onslaught seeking new members. The marketing campaign proved successful for the company, but bad for me. Suddenly too many people attempted using the facility at the same time. It became annoying trying to maneuver from one piece of equipment to another, spotting what was available and making a beeline for that machine before someone else grabbed it.

Then I moved.

I joined a local community center with a well-equipped gym and lots of exercise classes. The price is definitely more than that bargain of $10 a month, but worth every penny and not as expensive as private gyms in my area.

I am now in gym heaven:

• Workout areas are clean, bright and spacious, the equipment in excellent condition, and the place rarely gets crowded.
• Few twenty-somethings in fashionable attire seeking a social life hang out.
• Popular outfits are sweats and t-shirts.
• The gym offers a variety of classes scheduled from very early morning, throughout the day into the evening.
• I feel comfortable, fit right in, and it works for me.

I feel good when working out, and hungry when I leave.

So I stop at my favorite bagel store, conveniently located on my way home, buy a bagel, return home and eat.

I know there is something wrong with this routine, but can’t figure out what…

Meryl Baer

Meryl Baer is a recovering financial professional now freelance writer/blogger living at the Jersey shore. She travels a lot, but when home takes zumba and yoga, walks on the beach and writes. Check out her take on life, travel, cycling, kayaking, grandparenting, food and whatever else she finds interesting at the moment on her blog, Six Decades and Counting -

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Lisa Curtis

Monday 25th of April 2016

The problem is that you go alone. Find some friend to go with and you'll never have to worry of your gym being boring again :)


Friday 22nd of April 2016

Hahahhahah - loved your post. My gym routine went somewhat like yours. The only difference being that I'm a lifetime member of my gym and so keep going back to it looking for the time of day when there are fewer 20 somethings and I can turn up in my old T shirts without looking like the drabbest person on earth. I'm not very happy there though - need to change something but, to take a line out of your book - I;m not sure what's wrong ;)


Tuesday 19th of April 2016

This was a fun post! Made me laugh! Can totally relate!

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