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Thanksgiving At Our House


Andrea writes regularly at Good Girl Gone Redneck, where she shares stories of parenting, family, relationships, mental health and more. This post was first featured there.

I’m thankful for so many things. Today I’m thankful for Thanksgiving at my own home with my daughter and my husband.

Thankful for Thanksgiving Eve. Long gone the nights of partying all over the place. Drinking til the late night/early morning hours. Thankful for snuggles on the couch with my 8-year-old.

Thankful for waking up in my own bed.

For being woken by the child who was ready to crawl in with me.

Thankful for my husband coming upstairs to join us and immediately instructing me to make an Amazon purchase for myself. Stat.

Thankful for his smoking the turkey outside. In the rain. So the oven was free all day.

Thankful for crockpot macaroni and cheese. That my daughter made by herself for us.

Thankful for an only slightly over-full belly. I tried not to overdo it. I didn’t even really have seconds except a few bites of stuffing. Stove Top, natch.

I’m thankful for Oreo Turkey cookie turkeys. We made them together, but my kiddo could create them on her own for a while while we grown-ups did some cooking.

I’m thankful for blogging – because it reminds me that last year I threw a small fit over burning the pecans on my pecan pumpkin pie-cake. Oops.

I recovered and saved it by pulling off some overdone pecans. And it was surprisingly delicious. But I was emotional and frustrated, even though I was gracious and thankful. And then eventually just too full. So after eating a few bites I stopped. Because – too much food – honestly. Even when you don’t overdo it to the extreme, your plate is likely filled with way too many things.

And the carbs. Goodness, the carbs. I could list them all but there are just too many. And you taste each one and you wind up fuller and fuller and then you are just SO FULL.

Mostly I’m thankful to be celebrating another holiday. And for my family. And my friends. And a heart that’s full.

And for the sound of my daughter laughing, even when sometimes it’s all so loud. I’m still thankful.

And you – my friends – you. I’m thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your hearts and bellies are both full tonight.

Andrea Bates

Andrea is a native New Yorker living in NC who has become quite accustomed to wearing flip flops year-round. A licensed clinical social worker, she spends her free time volunteering for a number of organizations supporting women (more specifically, mothers) in need of a reminder that they are not alone. Andrea blogs at Good Girl Gone Redneck, where she writes from the heart, sharing the ins and outs of parenting, family and relationships. She also devours books and regularly features her honest reviews, ensuring that her readers are intrigued and ready for more.

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