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All Dried Up? I Don’t Think So.

Some things are meant to be dry. A good, white wine. A well-shaken martini. A particular joke. Some, not so much. That which falls in the “not-so-much-and-beyond” category is my vagina. Yep. There-I said it, for all the world to hear. According my gynecologist, that is the current climate of my “oh so precious” lady parts. Now, I …

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When Sex Hurts

Sex is supposed to feel good—like, toe-curling, spine-tingling good. But if your vagina feels anything like those of many menopausal women, having sex is downright painful. A hush-hush symptom of menopause, vaginal dryness affects as many as 75 percent of postmenopausal women, according to the International Menopause Society. As you probably already know, during perimenopause …

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Finding Help for Painful Sex During Menopause

“Not tonight dear. I have a painful vagina.” Say what? If you’re making excuses to avoid sexual intimacy with your partner due to vaginal pain, you owe it to yourself (and your partner) to treat it. “The big O” does not mean “the big Ouch.” Recapture the rapture in bed. Pain during intercourse is called …

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