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Losing My Thanksgiving Virginity

Andrea Jarrell is an essayist with a fairly newfound flair for holiday meal prepping. Connect with her on Twitter @andreajarrell. My place in the preparation of the Thanksgiving meal has always been that of scullery maid, table setter, or dishwasher. My mother’s little sidekick, I wholeheartedly embraced these roles, being far more interested in how …

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Performance Anxiety on Thanksgiving

No matter how many times she’s cooked a turkey, Suzanne Fluhr still can’t seem to shake those Thanksgiving jitters. Read more from Suzanne on her blog, Boomeresque.   When I was a child, we would pile into the family Chevy on Thanksgiving Day for the drive from our house in Philadelphia to my grandparents’ one-bedroom …

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Happy Thanksgiving to Our Menopausal Friends

The holidays are upon us. The grocery stores are buzzing with turkey orders, neighborhood pumpkin patches are being converted over to Christmas tree lots (I prefer the evergreen smell over the hay), everyone is talking about where they’re celebrating and who they are going to be with for Thanksgiving this year. It’s not enough to …

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