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Tech Resolutions: 4 Steps Towards Digital Clean-Up

You know the old adage about the cobbler’s children going barefoot? Well, sometimes that is me. Not that I make shoes, but as a tech person, a social media and digital consultant and teacher, and a writer, I’m always advising people to do this and that. But it seems I don’t always follow my own advice. …

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7 Battery Myths Debunked

Winter storm “Jonas” (why does the Weather Channel insist we name All. The. Storms.?) reminded me how increasingly dependent we have all become on batteries. “Sorry, I might lose my power, so I won’t be on Facebook,” people posted, knowing that their laptops, tablets and phones wouldn’t be able to be recharged should the electricity …

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Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Birthdays

Let’s face it Facebook birthdays can be fun but they can also be confusing to decipher, so here’s a little help getting through the quagmire of Facebook birthday messages. There are no fewer than five categories of birthday greetings/greeters on Facebook. The first birthday salutation, which I call the “bare basics birthday greeting”, is the …

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