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The Ultimate Summertime BLT Recipe

The Ultimate BLT Sandwich Recipe My childhood memories of summertime suppers are filled with BLT sandwiches, corn on the cob, and cool, refreshing glasses of iced tea, the kind that had condensation dripping down the sides of the glasses. Farmer’s market fresh, sweet corn on the cob and red ripe tomatoes are what made, the hot, …

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Summer Cooking: Gazpacho Recipe

Nancy Fox brings delightfully tasteful and skinny recipes straight to you at This recipe for gazpacho was originally featured there. When you’re in the mood for soup but it’s just too hot to go with your standard favorites, gazpacho is the perfect solution. Gazpacho is a light and refreshing soup from Spain. This uncooked …

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The Only BBQ Ribs Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Elaine is the award-winning author of over eight books and is syndicated on several sites across the Web. She is a writing retreat organizer and a motivational speaker, and you’re going to want to hear more from her. You can find her blog at This post was initially featured there.  The adults at our recent family BBQ …

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