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Moments of the Mother-Son Relationship

Motherhood: Roots and Wings

Lisha can be found sharing at This post was originally featured there.  The other day, a man walked into my house. He was driving my son’s car. He was wearing my son’s clothes. He even called me “Mom.” But I had never seen this man before. He bore a vague resemblance to a boy I dropped …

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strained mother-son relationship

My Grown Son Hates Me

I gave birth to a sweet little baby boy. He was a beautiful baby with bright blue eyes and colic. I had to stop nursing after three months because he chewed my nipples off.  This was probably the first sign that we were going to be at odds. I ignored it, naturally. When he was …

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The Boy is Leaving Home

Melissa T. Shultz will be speaking at the BAM Bloggers at Midlife conference on Saturday, March 7, 2015. This post is certain to resonate with any mother who has sent her son off to college. Read more from Melissa on her blog, Sisterhood of Mothers   This is a story about a boy and his …

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