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Your Unique Wings

I wonder about the life of the butterfly. They’re such beautiful and delicate creatures. And yet, within their beauty lies such great strength, a strength I am intrigued by and wanting to emulate. During my writing of A Place Called Peace, I researched the scientific purpose of butterfly wings, and compared how their purpose relates …

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What Do You Do? Good Question.

It’s often the first question people ask – “What do you do?” For Andee Zomerman it’s a little bit complicated to answer – but she’s trying to figure it out. Read more from Andee on her blog, Nature of a Servant. I am a confident woman. Yes, I do struggle now and again with vulnerability, …

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Hair Loss and Menopause

So, you’ve soldiered through the hot flashes and weight gain associated with menopause for months and just when you thought you were on top of things, things on top become your new focus. Menopausal-related hair loss can come as a big surprise…and not necessarily one that’ll leave you smiling. As you travel through menopause, your …

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