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There’s No Place Like Home

My heart sank when the real estate agent and I pulled up the driveway of the house. From the outside, it looked like everything I didn’t want. The tan, vinyl-sided structure was stark against the November landscape, uncompromised by growth but for a few scraggly bushes and two young, leafless maples sitting squarely in front. Still, it was …

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family home, magnolia trees, gardening, a place called home, raising a family, moving from the family home, midlife, midlife women

Rooted in My Home

There are a few numbers that have been indelibly burned in memory. My social security number (to the amazement of my daughter) and my childhood telephone number, Woodbine 7-5109. Where I was raised, the phone numbers had the names of trees, shrubs and flowers. Ours was the woodbine, a shrubby vine in the honeysuckle family. Perfect …

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home, adult children, empty nest, college kids, raising a family, midlife, midlife women

Home is a State of Mind

I said it! Don’t be shocked. It just sort of slipped out. I referred to my son’s residence as his “home”! I probably am the only one that even noticed. I’m not sure why it struck me so. I have ruminated about it for weeks! My son has been renting an apartment with his friend …

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