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the perfect gym experience

I Found My Ideal Gym Experience

Meryl can be found writing about whatever she wants, from travel to fitness, from family to food, over at Six Decades and Counting. This post was originally featured there.  Now that I am retired I have no excuse for not exercising, so, often reluctantly, I head for the gym. I don’t expect miracles. My goal is …

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Cover Girls and Bicep Curls

There I was …standing innocently in the grocery store line…waiting to get home after a long day… when suddenly, there they were rising up around me…. Christie Brinkley on the cover of People in a bathing suit at 60! Oprah on the cover of OPRAH in a tight little cocktail dress at 60! Marie Osmond …

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The Amazing Shrinking Woman!

Do you ever wonder what you will look like when you are eighty, ninety, or even a hundred? I just don’t.  I have never stared into the mirror and tried to see the woman in my future.  I am a live-one-day-at-a-time kind of girl. Since I turned fifty, I have started each day with a …

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