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Why All That Night Thinking Keeps You Awake

Why You Need a Vibrator

Using a Vibrator For Sexual Health in Midlife Let’s talk about the health aspect of using vibrators. Last month I talked about how to use a vibrator and shared some basic tips to make vibrator use more pleasurable.  Today I want to give you several reasons to use a vibrator. The main reason we use …

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All Dried Up? I Don’t Think So.

Some things are meant to be dry. A good, white wine. A well-shaken martini. A particular joke. Some, not so much. That which falls in the “not-so-much-and-beyond” category is my vagina. Yep. There-I said it, for all the world to hear. According my gynecologist, that is the current climate of my “oh so precious” lady parts. Now, I …

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