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Feeling Like Tough Broads

Ever since my daughter, Jade, was a little girl and we both had to use a squat potty on a trip to visit her dad’s family in Malaysia, we’ve jokingly called each other tough broads. It expanded during her Girl Scout years when we named a rainy weekend camping trip the Tough Broad Campout. Whenever …

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My Mother and Dementia

At age ninety-three my mom is showing signs of dementia. She talks about so and so coming to visit and that they want all their books back – when so and so is no longer alive, and the books have never been brought into her home, or placed upon the shelf that she points to. And, well, sometimes …

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Empty Nest Training

Mary Dell writes: Sitting on the sidelines, I have long been jealous of my husband. He coached our son in baseball and football, sports into which they both poured their high school energies. Our 16-year-old daughter is now in training for preseason soccer and I am finally sharing a sport – running – with my child. Since …

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Menopause and Angel Wings

Angels. Who wouldn’t want to be one? (Someday, that is.) Robes that hide stomachs and veiny legs. Wings that take you wherever you want to go, with no security line hassles. And you can sing!  (I didn’t make the chorus in fifth grade, which devastated me, and age has done nothing for my vocal tone …

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